New kids on the block

Here’s a little breakdown of Georgia’s early enrollees.  One thing I notice is that all the defensive backs are listed at 6-1.

Oh, and Rian Davis’ nickname is “Trouble”.  One can only hope it’s the right kind of trouble.


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4 responses to “New kids on the block

  1. Is Trouble better than Mudcat? Does Rian drive an Impala?


  2. 81Dog

    Keep those OL coming, Coach Pittman. I don’t know what UGA is doing differently now, but I don’t recall stacking up quality OL in this manner since the 70s. Make sure to keep the Pit Boss happy.


  3. Macallanlover

    That is an impressive group of talent Kirby has gathered. Several play in key positions of need so maybe 4-5 could contribute early for us, couple might even start. We have never had a great deal of luck with the JUCO pickups but I have a feeling Jackson as a pass rusher may break that trend. The loss of Deandre Walker in the 4th quarter against Bama, and him missing the Sugar Bowl, exposed how thin we were on the perimeter. Also like the ILB and DB additions; it may take a little longer to learn those positions but it looks like a significant upgrade for the future.

    Getting a 6 month jump on learning the system and hitting the weight room really changes is such a bonus. You have to look at them differently versus the normal first year talent from years past. We will get a preview on April 20 but the growth between then and September makes them legit contenders for playing time. I don’t recall us having this many EEs before, and it comes at a really good time when you consider the schedule and expectations.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Fourteen (!!) early enrollees has to be a new record for us. But I’m not sure we should expect to see very many of these newbees as starters in 2019. 2018 was a transition year after losing multi-year vets like Roquan, Chubb, Sony, Carter, Wynn, and soo many others. But 2019 is when those top recruiting classes really start to kick in. The younguns are turning into veterans who’ve played 15 to 25 games.