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The Gator has landed.

Er’rebody’s doin’ that chopper thing now.

I wonder if he brought his new defensive backs coach with him.


UPDATE:  Georgia Tech (!) has a recruiting helicopter, too.

Gettin’ mighty crowded out there.



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A walk down memory lane

Bill Connelly takes a look back at a bunch of games from the 2005 season.  Georgia makes three appearances, two good, Boise State (I forgot how dominant the Dawgs were in that one) and the SECCG, and one not so good, Auburn, about which Bill says, “Man, this might be the closest football game of all time, from both stats and eyeballs perspectives.”

It’s a fun way to waste a few minutes.


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Okay, look back. Someone might not be gaining on you.

An interesting portrait:

For all this talk about how certain programs are now gaining on Georgia, here I see a statistical projection that shows Auburn and Florida losing slightly more high-level production than the Dawgs are, and neither has recruited high-level talent at the same rate as Smart has over the past three seasons.

Maybe I don’t understand how this whole losing ground thing works.


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Banging for the buck

And The Valley Shook! posted a look at the most overpaid (and underpaid) offensive and defensive coordinators in college football last season, tracking salaries against Bill Connelly’s S&P+.

Georgia doesn’t make either list on the defensive side of the ball, but if you look on offense…

Jim Chaney is so fascinating in that he seems to consistently put out a good product that people always wind up hating. Georgia is well above the trend line, finished with a top 5 offense and yet, Chaney is off to Tennessee to try and rectify that mess. He might be the most undervalued OC in America based on sex appeal.

Sex appeal?  Ugh.

Also, considering that he’s now the highest paid OC in the game, I’m guessing that whole overvalued thing will be due for a re-evaluation after the 2019 season, especially when you consider what he’s got to work with in Knoxville.  (Note which list is graced with Tyson Helton’s name.)


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Can you run the damned ball too much?

From Athlon’s15 SEC Players Who Will Replace NFL Draft Early Entrants in 2019“:


Out: Riley Ridley and Mecole Hardman, WR

The top three passing threats for the Bulldogs in 2018 are now preparing for life in the NFL – receivers Riley Ridley and Mecole Hardman along with tight end Isaac Nauta. Riley was the go-to guy with nine TD catches while Hardman had seven. Nauta could be replaced in the passing game by four-star 2019 target Ryland Goede.

In: Jeremiah Holloman (rising sophomore) and Dominick Blaylock (incoming freshman)

Finding new receivers for Jake Fromm might not be too difficult. Holloman proved to be a big-play threat averaging a team-high 17 yards per reception as a sophomore. Blaylock, a five-star recruit, will be challenging everyone on the roster for playing time in August.

You know, that brings me to a question.  We heard clucking from certain quarters that Georgia was losing receiving talent because the offensive scheme emphasizes the running game over passing.  If that’s really the case, why does losing receiving talent early matter so?


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Tuesday morning buffet

Good mornin’.


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