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He’s got your number.

You know, I have to admit I’m mildly impressed with the clever header to this article.  Either that, or it’s a helluva Freudian slip.


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Your 1.23.19 Playpen

The funniest thing I’ve seen this month, non-politics division:

I swear, I laughed so hard at that, I had tears.

The funniest thing I’ve read this month, politics division:

A GOP lawmaker has a novel idea for how a border wall with Mexico should be funded: Force every Arizonan who wants to access pornographic material on an electronic device to pay $20.

That’s just the lede.  Add in a random John McCain reference and this touch:

The bill also appears to be connected to a prominent anti-gay activist who is most famously known for attempting to marry his computer in protest over gay marriage.

… and you’ve got a complete laugher.

One thing you’ve got to say about politics — it’s reassuring to the cynic in me to see how morons of all political stripes are constantly willing to display their ignorance in public.  This really is a case where bothsiderism does apply.

And with that, the floor is yours.  Keep it light!



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Meet the seniors

They’re a relatively small bunch, but they’ll be counted on for quite a lot.

In particular, there’s a lot of experience coming back on the defensive line.  There are health and consistency issues to overcome, but as the cliché goes, it’s a contract year.

Individually speaking, they need for Woerner to step up and be that number one guy, not just as a receiving option, but also as a consistent blocker, something he was not great with early last season (although, to be fair, he did improve in that regard as the season progressed).

Do I even need to mention Blankenship here?

Your thoughts?


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Today, in oh, you were serious about that?

This is some question.

And some of you think I troll.  Jeez.


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Meanwhile, back in the states

While Geoff Collins is evaluating tape on Swedish offensive linemen, Kirby Smart is doing Kirby Smart things.

Georgia has four 5-star recruits in the final edition of the 247Sports Rankings, which were rolled out on Tuesday. That number is tied with Alabama for the most in the country.

Georgia has four.  The rest of the SEC East combined has two.  (I won’t bother to check Tech.)


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“And, yes, Europe is a priority…”

Sometimes, those Georgia Tech recruiting headers really do write themselves.


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