Meanwhile, back in the states

While Geoff Collins is evaluating tape on Swedish offensive linemen, Kirby Smart is doing Kirby Smart things.

Georgia has four 5-star recruits in the final edition of the 247Sports Rankings, which were rolled out on Tuesday. That number is tied with Alabama for the most in the country.

Georgia has four.  The rest of the SEC East combined has two.  (I won’t bother to check Tech.)



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12 responses to “Meanwhile, back in the states

  1. Greg

    yEiGh!!!!!!!……15 & 0 FWIS.


  2. D as in Dawg

    Including #4 and #5!! I think we should run the offense on 4th down and just punt on occasion as a fake package.


  3. All 3 Stars – I think CPJ did get one 4 Star in last year – year before 3 Stars. He’s shaped up a pretty good staff; but man do they have their work cut out in front of them. Offensive side of the ball should be a nightmare next year.


  4. Greg

    Unless Clay Webb dropped out, that should give us 5 with the addition of Stevenson.


  5. 81Dog

    I wonder if Geff Chaucer, errr, Collins (yeah, I know) is going to re-establish Tech’s pipeline to the crucial recruiting market in the 5 boroughs of NYC?

    There are two ways to try to be great. One is to do what everyone else does, but better than everyone else (see, Saban, N), the other was is to do something no one else can do (see, Johnson, FF). Ye olde newe coache Collins clearly has given up on the latter, but he’s got some significant obstacles baked in to the formula if he thinks he can do the former at GTU. Even the one year the Chanster got some actual decent recruits, Tech couldn’t beat us, and 7 years of running NFL STYLE SCHEMES BECAUSE YOU KNOW WE ARE SOPHISITICATED AND SMART got them….nowhere.

    Ralph Friedgen isn’t shoehorning through that door, nerds. It’s great that you got Geff a helicopter (SEE, THIS COOL MEMBERS ONLY JACKET IS JUST AS GOOD AS THE BROOKS BROTHERS OUTERWEAR), but all that means to me is he’ll be able to get turned down by top recruits faster and more efficiently.


  6. Milledge Hall

    Poor ole Jeoff has the right to remain silent. He just doesn’t have the ability. He needs to keep his mouth shut and work. But, the nerd creed just won’t allow it!!
    Kirby the Smart doesn’t say a word till the deal is done!


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Another terrific recruiting class! We’ll add a few more pieces to the puzzle on February 6th, and hopefully Plumlee in a few months. And of course Kirby is always on the lookout for transfers in spring and summer to firm up the depth chart.

    Saban was in his 50s by the time he was able to bring consistent recruiting and roster management to this level. The future is bright indeed.


  8. DawgPhan

    recruiting shows no signs of slowing down.


  9. Blaylock and Webb both dropped down to 4*. Stevenson moved up to 5*.

    Blaylock only caught 2 touchdowns in the All-Star game.. maybe he should have thrown for one just to get some attention.. oh wait.