Repping the G

I don’t care about the NFL or the Super Bowl, but I sure do love Todd Gurley’s choice of apparel leading up to the game.

Maybe that’ll even register in Montana.


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16 responses to “Repping the G

  1. Derek

    Can we get another Super Bowl MVP and add to our lead?

    I hope Sony and Todd go off!

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  2. Spike

    Go Todd! Spike and the entire Spike family are rooting for you!

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  3. Baxley chew

    I don’t care who wins the Super Bowl. I hope Gurley and Sony both run for 100 yards plus and the announcers comment all game that they played in the same backfield along with Chubb over and over and over. Runningback U.

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  4. Rebar

    Damn Good Dawg!

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  5. I wonder if GMcG or his chief revenue officer have hit Gurley up for a donation yet. I imagine Todd would tell him to stuff it after he ended Gurley’s potential Heisman campaign.

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  6. Plan and simple, DAWG PORN!


  7. Russ.

    Not sure I’ll watch the Super Bowl, but I’ll damned sure watch Todd and Sony.


  8. Spike

    And FWIW.. I could care less about the NFL, too.


  9. Salty Dawg

    I never cared for NFL football until the draft last year. I had to follow the Dawgs that gave us such a spatular 2017 season. I watched Nick’s, Roquan”s, Lorenzo’s, and Sony’s games as much as I could. I turned into a big Chicago Bears fan! QUAN!!! lol! It was fun to read and hear how Baker Mayfield grew to appreciate Nick’s talent! That was satisfying!

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  10. Rex

    What’s Montana?


  11. Mark

    I agree with you all. Having these kids play on Sunday after having invested so much emotion in them over the years has been fun. Watching the NFL has become enjoyable for me. I spent each Sunday checking box scores to see how they were doing.


  12. DoubleDawg1318

    I definitely checked box scores every week just to see how our recent picks did! I’m really hoping for a big game from both Gurley and Michel with a lot of talk about how Georgia is RBU. I’ll cheer for the Rams but I certainly will be happy if Sony gets a ring!


  13. Salty Dawg

    Having Sony and Todd playing against each other is almost like watching your sons! You pull for both equally and want them both to be happy, but it is tough for the one who will lose!


  14. illinidawg

    I sent my Rams crazy nephew a Gurley UGA “Jersey” for Christmas. They messed up and sent it here and I was really disappointed to see it was a $50 tshirt! He liked it anyway.


  15. Gurkha Dawg

    Glad to see so many other fans who couldn’t care less about the NFL. I haven’t watched a Super Bowl in years. I do watch the highlights of Todd, Sony, Nick, etc. Here’s to hoping I’m gone before they completely fuck up college football.