Warren makes bank.

This is some raise.

Whether a title of some sort will come with it remains unclear, but Charlton Warren received a nice raise and multi-year contract to join the Georgia Bulldogs as defensive backs coach.

Warren received a three-year contract from UGA that will pay him $600,000 a year, according to salary information released by school in response to an open records request. He is now signed through June 30, 2022…

Warren was making $200,000 a year as defensive backs coach at Florida, but he was scheduled to receive a raise for 2019 that would increase his pay to $401,500, according to published reports.

Thoughts:  first, we’ve come a long way from the days when Georgia was the last school in the conference to offer assistant coaches multi-year deals.  Second, if you’re Kirby Smart, and your choice was giving Jim Chaney a monster raise, or spreading the wealth around to the rebuild of your staff, what would you choose?


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13 responses to “Warren makes bank.

  1. Legatedawg

    It’s going to be fun next fall watching Chaney curl up into a ball like a big fat armadillo sitting on top of a 13 point lead over Kentucky late in the 3rd quarter, only to see the ‘Cats come back to win it in the 4th.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Boy we better see some lock down defensive backs, and quick!


    • Macallanlover

      Guess I don’t understand your message because we have talent scattered all over the defensive backfield. Some lack experience, some just getting over injury, but Warren will have all the talent any DB coach could hope for. As with the OL, my concern is where do they all play? Can we keep them out of the porta johns due to lack of playing time in Athens?

      Is that quick enough?


  3. 400 grand inside of 22ish days is a little more than a raise……


  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I have to wonder if Greg McGarity knows about this. What are we going to do if a rainy day comes?


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    I re-watched the JAX game this week. Chaney as highest paid OC in cfb is just plain nuts.

    Warren appears to be a solid hire. First item of business is to fix Campbell’s fundamentals.


  6. Whiskeydawg

    I would spend it rebuilding the staff. No one can deny that Chaney isn’t good at his job; but the Dawgs offense during pivotal games failed to deliver or never showed up. The way Kirby operates leads me to think that if Chaney hadn’t departed this year; he was probably going to get his ticket punched soon.


  7. CEPH

    Tenn gave us an early xmas present when they stole (LOL) the donut meister from us. Kirby had to put him in the press box because he kept getting in everyone’s way. I thought Pruitt might be a good hire for the ridge runners initially but after looking at his hires and having phat Phil in the hen house I just don’t see it happening. Thanks again Tenn our press box food cost were just halved!!!!


  8. CEPH

    The only reason Coley didn’t go to A & M was because he knew or was told something was in the works with Chaney why else would he have turned down the job?


    • Mike Cooley

      I don’t know if that’s true or not but I do believe that Chaney was encouraged to seek employment elsewhere. I don’t remember what game it was that Kirby was going absolutely insane on the headset but the offense was on the field. I think ‘re Sugar Bowl was the last straw.


  9. Silver Creek Dawg

    Charlton got $200K from his UT buyout to add to the $200K UF paid him. He only got a 50% raise to come to UGA.