Today, in the Wayback Machine

Bill Connelly has rebooted the S&P+ rankings for the 2006 season.  Found this part at the end of interest:

In 2006, Virginia Tech pitched four shutouts and allowed seven or fewer points three other times. Miami and North Carolina each scored 10 points on the Hokies; it was tied for the fifth-most Tech allowed in a game. Boston College scored 22 points but gained only 264 yards in the process. Georgia scored 31 but gained only 200.

Virginia Tech’s Def. S&P+ rating of 4.6 adjusted points per game is the lowest of what you might call the S&P+ era (2005-18). Only three other teams have been at even 6.5 or lower (Alabama in 2009, Alabama in 2011, Alabama in 2017). This unit erased you.

Georgia came back from an 18-point deficit midway through the third quarter in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.  Some of that was fueled by the defense, but the offense did find its footing on the way to scoring 28 points from that point on… against, as Bill notes, a more than stout defense.

I still love Uncle Ron’s line after the Charles Johnson sack that led to a turnover:  “He could have held.”



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29 responses to “Today, in the Wayback Machine

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Was that the first game Bobo called the plays?


  2. 3rdandGrantham

    I remember that game like it was yesterday. We were down (I believe) 21-3 at the half and looked helpless. I was getting all sorts of messages from my VT friends bragging about the blowout and how UGA would be lucky to score 6 points all game. Then, the second half started, and the onside kick in particular (after either a FG or TD) really helped to swing the momentum around.

    By the 4th quarter, the VT D was helpless, and their O did them no favors either. A few days later I heard from a few friends on the team, and they said the VT players were the dirtiest, most trash-talking bunch they ever played against, which totally shocked them given they weren’t rivals. In fact, it wasn’t anything CMR said at halftime that fired them up…it was the team collectively on their own getting pissed off at VT’s antics and dirty play that motivated them to end all the BS.


    • MagnusDawgus

      That was an interesting cut block MM laid on the VT CB at about the 1:18 mark….wonder if the trash talk had something to do with it.


    • 79Dawg

      After the game, their fans were talking all kinds of shit outside of the Dome, it was pretty hard to believe…


  3. Bulldog Joe

    1:17:00 “Only six scholarship offensive linemen have suited up tonight…and one of them is ill.”


  4. Illini84

    WE had a “family feud” article about us in the Banner Herald. The first part of the article was about me, my wife (UGA and Tech grad) and her family who are serious Hokies. In the second half the reporter did his predictions and said the Dawgs would win. My father in law thought it was MY prediction and he wasn’t happy. It was the last time he came to Athens after a number of years helping (telling me what do do) to do major home improvements on our old Boulevard house. He was a WW2 SeeBee officer and the owner of a construction company in Virginia. I’m glad we won and it’s a nice memory even thought they were disappointed.


  5. Tony Barnfart

    Did Kris Durham get injured and take a redshirt mid-career ? Because he definitely played in 2010 (and in this game it seems).


  6. Ben

    So what ever happened to Uncle Ron? Was he one of the people bounced for making lewd remarks, or did he just get on the bad side of the mouse?


  7. Scuba

    The decision to start the second half with an on side kick that worked really changed the game. i seem to remember a bunch of second half interceptions from VT. Was that the game with the after the fact a photo shopped Chic-Fila cow was holding a sign saying ” Tony it`s a pass”.


  8. JasonC

    I just skimmed through the comeback. Tony Taylor with 2 picks. But what was amazing was Bryan Evans was also playing some lights out ball. He was a RS-Freshman at the time. I think he progressively got worse in his career. Moses, Johnson and Howard were destroying VT’s OTs.


  9. Russ

    Man, if Ware held onto that pass following the quick TO when we tied the game, the roof would have come completely off the Dome. As it was, VT’s offense was already done, and their defense may have completely quit at that point. What a satisfying win.


  10. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    The booth crew must have said 5 times something like, “what a great call by Mike Bobo”. Dude had his crayon box out that night.


  11. Rival

    I was at the game. VT fans were shaking their car keys at us in the first half, which was really annoying. I’d never seen that particular taunt before. We didn’t return the favor win the second half, but I have never laughed so much at opposing fans leaving a game. (I’d had more than a few beers, too.)


  12. Granthams replacement

    I miss Ron Franklin calling games.


  13. Normaltown Mike

    I had forgotten this game ever happened and still can’t recall a single detail or if I even watched it. I wasn’t a heavy drinker in 2006. Only had 1 kid at the time so I know I was at home with her.


    Life is strange.


    • MagnusDawgus

      I get it mixed up with the Virginia Chick Fil A Bowl game. We got way behind ACC opponents in both, only to rally and win at the end. I still remember Donnan telling all the Georgia fans to buy season tickets for the next season, because we were going to “bring the house,” or something like that.


  14. Athens Townie

    To say that some of that comeback was fueled by the defense feels like an understatement. Almost all of that comeback was fueled by the defense.


  15. DoubleDawg1318

    The two teams combined for 48 plays in the first half! We ran 16 plays and took 10+ minutes off the clock in the 3rd quarter. Talk about a slow moving game. The game has really changed in only a decade.