Bigger fish to fry

Contract provisions good for a chuckle“Winning a national championship was worth $250,000 in [Paul] Johnson’s contract.”

Yeah, I’m sure the thought of paying that led to many a sleepless night for a Tech AD.


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14 responses to “Bigger fish to fry

  1. J-DawG

    Well, he did win two Nattys at GA Southern with his high school offense.


  2. Bright Idea

    What are the odds on Collins being at Tech for 7 years? If he does well he’s gone elsewhere, if not he becomes an analyst at Bama.


    • 81Dog

      I’m taking the under on MAYHEM IS HERE!!!

      GEFF sounds like Butch Jones with a Conyers accent. Tech folks love tough talking bullshit artists, though, tough call.


  3. Bill Glennon

    When you think that the two biggest stressful time sucks for a college football coach are recruiting and gameplanning, Johnson was on retirement already with a 7 figure salary. His recruiting speaks for itself. He would call plays in-game looking at the alignment of the D with no notes, charts or signals. The H back just ran them in direct from Johnson every play. Defense was the DC’s problem. Crisis management plan was fire the DC. He probably cleared $20 million.

    I bet his minesweeper score was legendary.


    • Tony Barnfart

      Man, when you put it like that, he was basically robbing them blind. Serious question: is Tech as difficult to get into as Duke or UNC ?


      • Cousin Eddie

        two words, Reggie Ball


      • Russ

        Not if you’re an elite athlete. John DUIberry, Sammy Drummer, Joe Hamilton, Reggie Ball. They have a liberal arts school that offers “History of Technology”, and they have to take a Survey of Calculus class. But, hey! It’s Tech, so of course it’s hard!


        • Uglydawg

          Won’t name names, but GT has offered some really poorly performing football players scholarships.
          GT’s recruiting suffers not from GT’s elite requirements * but from GT’s lack of appeal to recruits.
          In other words, the place sucks.
          (* LMAO)


  4. Doug

    A quarter-million? That’s it? Randy Edsall probably made that much in bonuses this season.


  5. Milledge Hall

    Not knowing much about ACC teams, based on last year alone, and figuring in a change of offensive personnel and change of defensive coordinator, what do you think the trade school’s record will be in 2019?
    Wins against Citadel (not a given), and Temple (not a given).
    Losses against: Clemmons, USF, North Carolina, Duke, Miami, Pitt, VA Tech, NC State, and UGA.
    2-10, 3-9!!
    Good times!!!


  6. Athens Dog

    I can only hope for 0-12


  7. Spike

    What Athens Dog said^^^^^^^^^


  8. 69Dawg

    If it was just us and Tech battling for Georgia recruits, Tech would be fine but they are so far down the elite recruits list that they are sucking hind teat. If the NCAA goes to 65 scholarships it would do wonders for Tech but if that doesn’t happen, Tech will be just as bad running the spread as they ended up being under the Genius. Unless you like high class strippers and being mugged on campus, Tech is pretty much out for normal people.