Gurley, man.

Hines Ward has been my favorite Dawg, but I’ve got to admit Todd Gurley’s giving him a run for the money.

You could tell he cared about UGA when he played and he still does.  The epitome of a damned good Dawg.


UPDATE:  Also, this.


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19 responses to “Gurley, man.

  1. Salty Dawg

    I heard him say that and got verklempted!


  2. Derek

    He may be a better spokeman, but it’s still Herschel, Hines, Terry and David (Pollock) for me.

    Todd may also be the most talented of all of them tho. Dude is Jim Brown v.2.


    • Biggus Rickus

      Yeah, I held he was better than Herschel at the time. It’s a shame what happened to him that junior season. He had a good shot to win the Heisman.



    BA, ICYF!


  4. Take away the 2013 injury and that stupid 2014 suspension … the guy may have scared the living hell out of some of the GOAT’s records.


  5. gastr1

    I absolutely loved watching him play, too. Just incredible. We always hope that players will feel this way about the place after they’re done…so great to hear him say it.


  6. TimberRidgeDawg

    Mike drop…


  7. The Dawg abides

    Damn. I wish all the best rb’s hadn’t signed during the early period. We were damn close with Trey Sanders and this stuff might’ve put us on top.


  8. 81Dog

    I’m glad TG3 clearly realizes there is a lot more to UGA than the jughead AD who left him hanging out to dry over the autograph fiasco.We were lucky to have him in Athens, and the autograph thing was a weird shadow over what we all had hoped would be a great year.

    Having said that, while I wish he hadn’t done the autograph thing, I have never blamed him for doing it. If I was a college student who had a chance to make a couple grand for signing autographs, knowing it was against the rules (but not immoral or corrupt), I’m sure I would have done the same. Add in that he probably saw/knew about lots of other stars, at various places doing it (or worse for more money), he probably figured “what’s the harm?” Probably figured no one would be the wiser. A couple of grand is a lot of pocket money for a college kid, especially one from a modest background. None of that makes it within the rules, but none of it makes me blame him. College kids do dumb stuff daily, lots of it with less reason. I’m sorry for his travails, and delighted by his success. He seems like a good kid, I’m glad he feels the same way about uga most of us feel about him.

    Meanwhile, Cam Newton’s smug, for sale ass is some kind of icon. Screw him and AU.


  9. Back to #3…seems as though he’s handled the last 6 years maturely….small town N.C., Athens, GA……to the bright lights of the nfl plus lala land…GO GURLEY…..GO DAWGS!