My favorite year

Like Bill Connelly, I am a firm believer that college football’s 2007 season is the greatest of my lifetime.  So, enjoy his reboot, in words and pictures.

It was an amazing year from the get go, starting with Appy State’s immortal upset of Michigan.  LSU’s season was full of plot twists from start to finish.  Then, there was West Virginia simply needing to get by “the s*****est f***ing team in the f***ing world” and they were in.  But they di’int.

Also, Darren McFadden.

This, too.

October 27: No. 20 Georgia 42, No. 9 Florida 30

And just like that, Georgia became the best team in the country (a few weeks too late for it to matter).

That early season loss to South Carolina was a killer.

Really, there were a number of teams that could have staked a claim to being the best after the regular season.  It’s the one time an eight-team playoff would have been a worthy experience.

What a season.


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41 responses to “My favorite year

  1. Jack Klompus

    Just hand the ball to Knowshon. That’s all we had to do.


  2. I saw when Bill shared the advanced box score for the USC / Stanford game yesterday and that Stanford had a 1 percent win expectancy and my immediate impression was “Yeah – that sounds like 2007.”


  3. Russ

    The genesis of the Herbstreit Doctrine.


  4. Derek

    Having Matt throw that many times vs USC in 2007 was ludicrous.


  5. Derek

    Then we just didn’t show up in Knoxville.

    Miserable year as far as I’m concerned.

    Save the Cocktail Party. That was…a celebration!


  6. Jack Klompus

    The amazing part was how we nearly backed in…we were a Kentucky FG away from going to the SEC Championship and whooping the shit out of Yellashoe and then OSU.


    • Macallanlover

      The Kentucky FG was just one weird, bad break at the end of the season, TN also got a strange bounce of a fumble against SC that saved them, and another FG disaster against Vandy. Three Hail Mary’s answered in the final 3 games, any of which could have put us in against LSU in the SECCG, a time when they were missing key players.


    • 79Dawg

      The loudest the Tech fans got all day was when they announced the final Kentucky-Tennessee score…


  7. JoshG

    I remember watching that Kentucky/Tennessee game. Kentucky was so close to sending us to Atlanta. Heartbreaking….That dropped pass by MoMass in the endzone in the Cocks game. A fun season, but so frustrating. The Auburn and Florida games made it all worth it.


    • I thought it was Michael Moore?


      • JoshG

        It may have been. I was at a wedding reception for my sister in law (!!!!) and watching it in the hotel bar while the whole family was pissed at me.


        • Uglydawg

          You’re the one that should have been pissed at them.
          Good grief..some folks’ priorities.


          • CLT Dawg

            Didn’t check the schedule before my wife scheduled our wedding in ’96. She scheduled it on Opening Day of the Donnan era. I had many friends send their Congrats, along with their condolences that they were going to the game. I made her change the time to 2PM, so the rest of us could at least go watch the game. At least I’m glad the marriage has turned out better than the game did.


      • Derek

        Tony Wilson.


    • Jack Klompus

      That was so painful to watch him miss that FG and send it into OT. Personified UGA in the 2000s.


    • Derek

      Vandy blew it too. Both UK and the Dores had them and blew it.

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      • Mike Cooley

        Good catch, Derek. I said out loud, “No! It was Tony Wilson!”. That is etched in my brain. My cousin got married that day. Outside, right next to Lake Blacksheare. It was Africa hot. I watched the first half as soon as the wedding ended and then had to haul butt home thirty minutes away to catch ‘re second half. Still can’t believe we lost to that shitty SC team.


  8. 202dawg

    That Sugar Bowl ‘highlight’ is no such thing. I want to see Colt Brennan rubbed into the turf. Wait, here it is!


  9. Mayor

    What I remember about 2007 is the concerted effort by ESPN talking heads, all of whom held grudges against Georgia, engaging in a campaign to keep the Dawgs out of the BCSNCG. Never saw anything like it before or since. Granny Holts (former South Carolina HC), Jesse Palmer ( former FU player), Charles Davis (former UT player), and Kirk Herbstreit (former tOSU QB who got beat to death by the Georgia D in a bowl in his last collegiate game) formed a chorus of “don’t let Georgia in the Big game” and they all had a conflict of interest. F#ck them and ESPN for allowing it. At the end of the season Georgia had the best team in the country and got screwed over.


    • The Dawg abides

      Don’t forget the biggest Dawg-hater of them all, Mark May. I think he hated Georgia more than any talking head in history. The crux of his disdain was the 1980 season. He was a senior on a really good one-loss Pitt team that got passed over for a 9-1-1 Notre Dame team for the Sugar Bowl. Pitt had to settle for the Gator Bowl and went on to destroy a South Carolina team we struggled with at home. He and most guys on that Pitt team believe they would’ve beaten us and been national champs. I’m just glad he wasn’t on the 81’ team to give him a real reason to be smug about us.


  10. Castleberry

    But, but, Tebow had a hurt shoulder


  11. siskey

    I got recalled into the Marines that year. The last game I went to was the UT game. I watched the Florida game from NC and didn’t leave to go to Iraq until after the bowl season was over. It was a great year and really exciting.


  12. Hobnail_Boot

    As a Georgia fan, It’s my least favorite season with no real competition.

    As a football fan, it’s one of the better ones.


  13. Debby Balcer

    That was a fun time in Jacksonville. The Gator fans were obnoxious before the game and quiet afterwards.