Life after the genius

Here’s a real surprise.

The renewed interest in Georgia Tech spurred by the hire of coach Geoff Collins translated into financial commitment Monday, the day that season tickets went on sale.

Season-ticket sales were 81 percent higher than last year’s first day of sales. Further, 20 percent of the sales were from purchasers who had not held season tickets in the 2018 season. In one day, the number of new season-ticket purchases was 37 percent of all new season-ticket sales for all of 2018.

Some of that was fueled by a reduction in ticket pricing, but, hey, do what you gotta do to get asses in the seats.

The ultimate measure of renewed interest in Georgia Tech football will come in how easy it is for Georgia fans to get tickets for the season finale, though.



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10 responses to “Life after the genius

  1. gastr1

    Surely, Mark Bradley will have to write something explaining that the masses just really didn’t get the true genius of The Genius.


  2. And we are there this year. It’s amazing how much the Georgia game affects their revenue. What would they do without us?


  3. Bigshot

    I’m sure that the new hire is partly the reason for an uptick in season tickets sales, but don’t forget a portion of those were bought by UGA fans to get a ticket for the season finale.

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  4. Beer Money

    So their slogan for the year is “Georgia Tech football…nowhere to go but up.”

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  5. 81Dog

    GTU football 2019: What Time Can You Get Here?

    Or, “Mathematical Elimination Fever:Catch It!”


  6. Texas Dawg

    I expect the Genius will be surprised that they are able to continue football (or what passes for it) at North Avenue Trade School after he is gone.



    They had no where to go but up. I know some GT fans that are excited about the change..I can’t say I blame them.


  8. TimberRidgeDawg

    After Clemson mudholes them in Game 1 they’ll remember why they hired The Genius to begin with.

    A pro style offense with no pros to run it is problematic.


  9. Uglydawg

    There is a high potential for a head-coaching change to be the first step into a long wander in the wilderness.
    Of Georgia’s opponents..UF, UT and GT, what are the chances at least one of them has taken that step?
    I hope all of them continue to range between mediocre and awful forever.


  10. NCDawg

    What about those Dawg people that Larry talked about getting into Sanford doing without groceries for a week and late on their mortgage to make a donation to even get tickets. Last time I was there I could have bought 5 cases of beer for the parking place and 2 hours after the game was still stuck in traffic for my 3-1/2 trip home.
    Love the Dawgs but the track people and lest we forget the bridge people probably have a flat screen by now. Ow it seems the amount of donation and the estates left to UGA dictates a win every week and by now 3 Natties. Guess even Lewis Grizzard and Catfish ( his Lab) would have a hard time fitting in.
    Erk’s just shaking his head and smoking that stogie and wishing his plan might need some changing but perhaps there is really more changes to the real Dawg people who’s been shut out.
    Be ware of the Jackets nest they maybe are building a bigger hive and a lord knows as well as Lewis they can sting the hell out of you.