When “might” does the heavy lifting

I suppose this “How Georgia’s offense might change under James Coley” piece might be of some limited interest, but the problem with taking it too seriously is that it’s next to impossible to compare the context of Georgia and Miami.  Coley was working under a different head coach with very different personnel.

The other problem with taking it too seriously is the conclusion.

If the past is any indication, the tight ends will be more involved under Coley and they’ll get more opportunities in space and down the field.

Gosh, where have we heard that before?



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14 responses to “When “might” does the heavy lifting

  1. Ronald Gaynor

    That’s some Tony Barnhart level insight there.


  2. Dawg1

    The misuse of he TEs, from Woerner to Nauta was almost criminal though. I know 2 years we had a frosh QB and OL issues at times, we wanted max protect, but a TE that can get open (see Fla. right before the half!) is a QBs best friend.

    Ultimately wasted their skills.


  3. Jeff Daniel

    What TEs?


  4. McTyre

    We don’t need no stinking context. I know it’s not impossible to compare the context of Georgia and Miami because many Dawg fans already have Coley’s playbook for 2019 all figured out on the internets.


  5. Greg

    Yep….”playbooks” are great, until you get hit in the mouth. The “jimmies and joes’ make a BIG difference. I think Coley will do well at UGA.


  6. Biggus Rickus

    Never has a fanbase been so enamored of tight ends as Georgia’s, so that last bit will feed the monkey.


  7. Derek

    1) we don’t need more “balance.” 60/40 run/pass is about right until the first half of an Alabama game.

    2) I’d like to see us get some more use out of our more special athletes. One thing that Lane did with Cooper and Urban did with Harvin is make sure that guy gets the damn ball. A lot. Even if it appears forced. I’m not sure we got all we could out of Godwin or Mecole. Robertson may not be a physical blocker, but he’s FAST. Line him up at different spots and make the defense account for him. Or pay if they don’t.

    3) as a corollary let’s have some more keep it simple stupid stuff. Not everything has to be 4 read progressions. Especially against teams that are pressuring with 4, like Texas or LSU. No need to have 11 going “covered, covered, covered, sack!” When teams are dropping 7 give the qb some easier options/audibles. 1 quick read and either put it on him or throw it away. This approach will come in handy when we don’t have 11 anymore, but it may help even 11 not get into, or out of, those ruts he gets himself into for some stretches in a game.


  8. Otto

    I am not sure which we hear more, talk of Gday QBRs or UGA will use the TEs more.


  9. Macallanlover

    Too narrow of a view, imo. Just use the best personnel, situationally, to run plays that best exploit whatever a defense gives you. If it is more utilization of TEs over the middle, do it. If our run game accounts for 80% one game, and 30 another, that is fine. The biggest problem I have seen the past 3 years is head-scratching use of players who aren’t the best available for that play call in that particular situation, and not using the entire offense for large stretches of time. We seemed to be incapable of utilizing screens, passing over the middle, going up-tempo, etc., “on demand”. We have a very, very large box of crayons available for the OC but seem unable to dial them all up in a box that would puzzle any DC.

    For an offense loaded with talented skill players, we were totally mundane for the last 5+ quarters of football this season. I understand Alabama had a great defense, but we made no adjustments to what they changed at halftime in Atlanta…either game. And how does that explain what a Big 12 defense do to us what we allowed to happen in the Sugar Bowl? Our offense should not have been held in check by anyone the past two years. And it doesn’t matter to me if it is running or throwing, or which position it features. Use it all Mr. OC. It is stupid to die in battle with potent, unused weapons available to you. I think Coley will be better simply because he seems closer to a Bobo than a Chaney in a “let ’em have both barrels” kind of way. Who couldn’t enjoy being the engineer of this train? And yes, Kirby backing away some might be helpful as well; let the offensive specialist do his thing.


    • doofusdawg

      Too bad we really are at such low levels with skilled guys for the first year of Coley calling plays. I wonder how that will skew the stats when we look back on 2019 in twelve months. Mecole and Nauta would probably have thrived in Coley’s offense.


      • Macallanlover

        We may have some falloff with individual comparisons of our skilled players, but not by much, imo. An “unleashed” group in 2019 should compare well with a “stifled” 2018 group. The stats may be spread over more positions but in total we should be strong; the OL should be better in 2019.


  10. UGA '97

    Cager will make his own space.


  11. NCDawg

    With open sets as the Dawgs ran per 16,17 & 18 even with the more developed OL, Kirby’s did away with FB’s when in the past even though regarded as a lead blocker ala another offensive lineman, due to the pro influnance of the H Back ( TE’s ) which if you will notice on Sunday there will be a true fullback affiliation with both the Pats and Rams. Gronk is often spread to trips in a mismatch from hell for db’s. Worner split some but the true use of schemes with TE in flats 5-7 yds or crossing or simple dump passes is now used by RB’s.
    Forever I have been a believer of the TE as apart of the total package. 30 years of coaching helped me discover the attributes but now Sony, Cook, Nick and De’Andre has been used to the extent of losing the TE to being a base tackle.
    Look for recruiting of the at the position to become more difficult to bring on board. I am not sure to see any changes in the offense in the direction of the TE’s and with that comes portal changes to a great but not as good as Nauta and we are scrubbing for a 3* or portal transfer. I support the UGA staff entirely but all but one Dawg ( Baker ) really has the star power to be in the first round. The rest could has used another year to expand their talents.
    Somewhere in the bees nest of that locker room there was a poison spread ( could have been any of the players but I’ll leave that your disgression) where last year the Dawgs played for each other where as in 18’ it appears as though it came down to there was a “I” in team.
    You could have a group of head doctors as Kirbs analists and I am not sure it would help the new West End Dressing room. Perhaps the new recruiting facility will bring out the Team aspect for Dawg people. I am just glad I don’t have to work a scheme to make the 5* happy.