What is going on at Man Enough U?

Speaking on PFT Live Wednesday morning, now-former Crimson Tide running back Josh Jacobs cited a lack of energy in the locker room prior to the game as well as the team being “mentally fatigued” as factors in the loss to the Tigers (even as it was a 14-13 game after the first quarter, but that’s neither here nor there).

“Honestly, I know it might sound cliché… but, before the game, you could feel it was gonna be a rough one,” Jacobs said, adding that he had that feeling in the locker room. “Not only young players trying to feel the vibe of big games, being able to play so long after a certain amount of time it kind of wears on you, especially when you play great teams week-in and week-out you get everybody’s best shot it kind of wears on you.

“I think the team was just mentally fatigued. … For the most part, I think people were just fatigued.”

Vibe of big games, great teams week-in and week-out, everybody’s best shot… yeah, Josh, now that you mention it, that does sound clichéd.  When did ‘Bama start making excuses for itself?


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  1. We didn’t hear the ultimate excuse … “The Big 10 officials didn’t bail us out this time.”

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  2. ASEF

    LSU, MSU, Auburn, Georgia, Oklahoma, Clemson. But hey, if they had won, it wouldn’t be proving it in the field unless they had one more round of playoffs in there, right? Then again, maybe adding another week to the schedule with Washington on there would have given the Tide more space to recuperate.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    That’s a relief.

    Was concerned the players & coaches were more focused on their escape.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Thanks Josh. Now I have to put up with Clemson hubris for 12 months.


  5. J-DawG

    This from a team that has no point of reference for the situation it finds itself in. They have no idea how to deal with this, now that they are dethroned. I watched Finebaum the Monday following the game and it was like a funeral. Paul looked like he was going to cry at any moment and the Bama fans in denial. It was fun to watch. I only wish it was us that did it to them.


  6. Thought I was gonna read about Man U!


  7. CB

    Josh Jacobs did not have clear possession of the ball after the end zone fumble in the SECCG.

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  8. Brandon

    Oh no, they lost one game! Something must be wrong. Can’t admit they were just beaten by a better team.


  9. ApalachDawg

    My dear blutarsky bulldog members, in my humble opinion, this is another sign that Rome is falling. The sabanator can’t be happy with this quote.


  10. They played literally one close game all season long. Tua didn’t play in the 2nd half of like 75% of their games. Mental fatigue, my ass.


  11. 92 Grad

    I’m all for the Alabama jabbing here, but, it also is true that Clemson really only played 2 games last season. They had at least 10 scrimmages thanks to their awful schedule and a conference that took an unexpected downturn. It was just 4 years ago when the acc made a series of good coaching hires and there was an upward trend. Fizzled out with only Clemson surviving.

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    • Uglydawg

      My thoughts too, 92. While I don’t buy the excuses, it is a fact that Clemson had (has) a cakewalk to the playoffs. They could show up flat on almost every game and still win. This lets them store up emotional energy and stay physically fit.
      But if you can’t get up for the NC game, you don’t deserve to win it.


      • JCDawg83

        There are 7A high schools in Georgia that face tougher opposition than Clemson faces in at least half of their games. Clemson is very good but being able to coast through the season with very little risk of injury or loss makes it easy to get fired up for two playoff games.

        Bama didn’t exactly face a murderers row schedule last season either. I think it would have been closer to the truth if Jacobs had said “we were overconfident”. It appeared to me that Bama’s arrogance caught up to them in the championship game. They thought showing up guaranteed a win and weren’t ready to face a team with near equal talent.


  12. Signal Dawg

    Two words to answer your question: Butch Jones.