Tales from the crayon box

One thing I’m genuinely curious about:  offhand, whom do you think the folks who are critical of Chaney’s work (and Bobo’s for that matter) would deem the ideal Georgia offensive coordinator?


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  1. Derek


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  2. Al

    I’m with you…especially when it came to Bobo. What else did the man need to do to prove himself as an OC? Some people will complain about anyone.


    • McTyre

      NK. If not Bobo or Chaney, members of Les Miserables-UGA Sports Chapter will find someone to blame for whatever program shortcomings they perceive. Whatever kept Richt from winning a single SEC title from 2006 to 2015 starts with the HC and from there the DC. Offenses regularly putting 30+ points while D and ST we’re average to poor are the last place to find fault.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Wonder if CMB health has improved? DGD! His play in the Outback Bowl was fun to watch .


  3. sniffer

    The guy who only calls plays that confuse the defense…on every play. Must be Charlie Weis, cause he was the confusing playcaller of all time.


  4. CPark58

    Anyone who keeps Sam Pittman and Dell McGhee happy and on staff.

    Great offensive lines and good running backs win a lot of games.


  5. DawgPhan

    It never seemed like Chaney was getting the most out of the offensive talent that we had.

    Tough spot because the offense was very good.


  6. DawgPhan

    That said the % of drives with explosive plays dropped to 41% against LSU and the points per drive dropped to 3.4.

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  7. stoopnagle

    IDK, man, give the ball to Gurley.


    • Chadwick

      That pass in Columbia will never, ever leave my mind or the minds of other UGA fans. Mike’s a good offensive coach, but he pissed on his shoes with that call. Maddening.


      • James Stephenson

        It happens, it happened in Seattle Superbowl. Sometimes you out think yourself.


      • Jim

        No kidding. If they stop Gurley a time or two that’s fine because it runs clock and would have been less time to let the ol’ ball sack try to win the game. No way they stop him 4 straight times. The bootleg was just a terrible, terrible call.

        That was just a miserable game. Lightning delay. We couldn’t stop them. Rained like hell. Gurley had a long one come back due to a holding penalty. Felt like we were down 10 the whole game. Then we suddenly had a chance to win the game when we had no business winning but got cute instead of giving the ball to the best player in the country 4x

        Then we stopped them to try to give ourselves another shot with a short field but got totally rooked on the 4th down spot


    • bcdawg97

      Interesting that we give Bobo grief for not running the ball with Gurley and simultaneously give Chaney grief for not passing against UF.


  8. St. Johns Dawg

    To me a lot of the criticism stems from the fan’s short-sighted belief that – as in a video game – OC’s having less success during an actual game can simply start calling some other plays in that thick playbook that would work … The problem is with the limited time available in a practice week, you can’t be ready to execute much more than 30% of that playbook at best … And the part of the book you’ve chosen to use has been rehearsed so much to change things up mid-game could be disastrous (turnovers, etc.).
    Sometimes the other team out coached you before the first snap (film study, etc.). But if you have the horses, sticking to your game plan can and often does win games.
    The other side of this is simply EXECUTION – Sometimes you want to throw it to the TE but the QB misses the read … Or the defense makes a fine play to prevent it. That doesn’t make the OC less effective.


  9. paul

    Early on, I complained about Bobo. But as he settled in, I quit and acknowledged he didn’t deserve such from me. Chaney I didn’t usually complain about. But on the goal line thing where we kept running the same play over and over and over and kept getting tackled by the same unblocked man over and over and over, well, if I had been in the press box I would have strangled him with my bare hands.

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    • A10Woody

      So did I because Bobo got a lot better over the years


    • junkyardawg41

      I was the same way about Bobo and first year Chaney. The difference between Good Bobo and Bad Bobo in my opinion is a direct reflection of the coaching of CSS vs CWF. When CWF came on board, the offense soared. I thought CWF was an excellent O line coach but Sam Pittman is elite. If you have an elite O line coach with elite players, you would expect some elite offensive numbers. Chaney’s were very good, 18 in 18, 32 in 17, 87 in 16 and in Bobo’s last 3 years, the offense ranked 30 in 14, 17 in 13, and 22 in 12. However, with elite offensive line coaching and elite talent on the line, I would have expected Chaney to have run a top 10 offense last year and top 20 in 17. Maybe the difference in negligible but if feels we weren’t at a level commensurate with our talent.


  10. How about the OC who uses the strengths of the players he has to attack the weaknesses of the defenses they’re facing. Instead of, you know, just ramming Nick Chubb right at Payne in the fourth quarter of the national title game over and over and over again for LESS THAN ONE YARD PER CARRY?

    How about the guy who sees he has a supreme TE talent and actually uses him?

    How about a guy who doesn’t lose to Bama the exact same way in two straight games less than a year apart because he’s trying to sit on a lead instead of keeping his foot on the gas? Who offense is so predictable it routinely fails against the best competition?

    How about a guy who doesn’t call 95% of his pass plays outside of the hashes, giving up half the field to the defense without even trying (the wider hashes in college make the area between the field about roughly half the field) to beat them there with a smart QB, fast slot receivers, and a (see above) extremely talented TE?

    How about a guy who takes someone with the speed and agility of Percy Harvin and actually SCHEMES him open in space so he can use that speed and agility to make things happen instead of just sending him down the field on lazy post and flag routes?

    How about a guy who doesn’t keep calling the zone read play for a QB that will never run the ball?

    The continued defense of Chaney, whose mismanagement of a Georgia offense that should have been every bit as great as any great offense in college football the last two years, and when I say great, I mean great against the GREAT teams, not just the bad or average teams. Yes, our offense was good. It was very good against bad and average teams. It was just okay in spots against great teams, but dreadful in other spots against great teams.

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  11. Greg

    Pepper Rogers


  12. ugadawgguy

    In my view, Georgia’s ideal offensive coordinator would be a proven offensive coordinator with free rein to develop the team’s offensive identity and call plays accordingly. Whatever that identity/philosophy/style is, I’d like for it to be up to the offensive coordinator.

    I just don’t think that’s going to happen with any OC under Kirby Smart.

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  13. Russ

    The perfect OC is like pornography. I’ll know it when I see it.

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  14. 69Dawg

    You are going to get what Kirby will let the OC do. This is the rap against DC’s who become HC’s. It is a rare DC (Erk) that when he becomes a HC basically goes to an offense for one reason and I quote “I could never figure out how to stop the run option so I think we will use it.” I’m not saying we should run the option, but it would be in the best interest of the team if the OC is at least given the ability to keep pouring it on. Trying to sit on leads is classic for HC’s that have “faith” in their defense. The problem with Chaney and Kirby was that they had no plan B in any of the games against a quality opponent. Once LSU showed that they were as good as our guys we just kept doing what we do until it was too late and then Fromm was the target of some nasty rushes. If I had been the HC after that goalline play at Florida I would have fired Chaney, if he was really responsible for that cluster F. Remember the definitions of crazy, well that series will be in the dictionary under CRAZY for ever more.

    The other thing I hate about the way Kirby is doing the defense is that he keeps subbing and that causes confusion and the guys don’t get the feel for the game as quick. LSU knew that and went fast just adding to the confusion. Texas watched the LSU tape and tried the same thing. We are not, in spite of the comments here to the contrary, Alabama yet. While they are subbing 3 year guys we are substituting freshmen, granted 4 & 5 *s but they are still freshman. Hopefully we will get there but if the 3 year guys keep going into the draft this team will always lack leadership. You wold think what happened to Trenton would be a cautionary tale but “Show me the money” is awful tempting to guys who come from poverty.


  15. SlobberKnocker

    I hope its James Coley 🙂

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  16. James Stephenson

    The Offense could average 40 points a game. But the one time the Dawgs lose 38-35 the O-coordinator will be blamed.


  17. I want Mike Bobo 2012-14. Sure, he made some bad calls during that time (the goal line vs. USCjr in 2014), but those offenses were consistent.

    They could be explosive (LSU 2013), grind you to dust (Auburn 2012), or both (Clemson 2014).


  18. Spottieottie

    We could poach Sean McVay from the Rams and a vocal chunk of the fan base would still complain about his play calling.


  19. TC405

    Kliff Kingsberry


  20. Hogbody Spradlin

    Off topic, but that’s a pretty significant difference, 3.98 vs. .51 points.


  21. Gurkha Dawg

    We all have 20/20 hindsight. If the OC calls a play that works, he’s a genius, if it fails he’s a dumbass. If anyone thinks that the sitting on the lead stuff doesn’t come from Kirby they need to think again. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Anyone remember the Super Bowl when Atlanta DIDN’T sit on the lead? Chaney’s production fell against LSU and Bama, does that surprise anyone? Having said that, when you reach the elite level that UGA has, you get paid for production against the LSU’s and Bama’s not the SC’s and GT’s. So like Matt above I support the hiring of the perfect OC.


  22. Mayor

    The perfect OC for Georgia is Mike Bobo. If things don’t work out for him as HC at CSU I hope Kirby rehired him.


  23. FlyingPeakDawg

    Fine…I’ll do it. But I want $1.2M guaranteed for 3 years or I’m not getting up off this sofa.


  24. Bitter Clinger

    Someone that calls moar fake kicks and impose our will!

    Sweeps with a slot receiver in short yardage are good too!


  25. Mayor

    I’m David Hale—and you’re not. 🙂