Are the natives getting restless?

From the lips of Jon Sundvold, Chair of the University of Missouri Board of Curators, angry edition:

The NCAA Committee on Infractions made a mistake yesterday. We expect leadership from institutions to admit when they make a mistake, correct that mistake and move forward. The NCAA should do the same. As David Roberts, NCAA Committee on Infractions panel chief officer, said, “Missouri did the right thing.” I now expect the NCAA to do the right thing.

“If it doesn’t, a dangerous precedent has been set. When an individual acts independently of their employer, violates rules, commits extortion and shops her accusations to the highest bidder, why would that institution be punished unjustly after doing the right thing?

“Inconsistent actions by the NCAA continue to erode its credibility. If it doesn’t admit and correct this unprecedented fault, many Power Five schools, like Missouri, will question the need for the NCAA as a governing body…”

I know on one level if that were to occur, it would merely be, as the article puts it, “rich people near the top firing rich people at the top and hiring new rich people at the top”.  But, man, would I love to watch Mark Emmert sputter and grovel at the thought of his gravy train being seriously threatened.


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  1. gastr1

    Kansas did the right thing re: Silvio de Sousa this week as well, and Jeff Long is singing a very similar tune. (Might be the closest those two universities have ever been in anything other than proximity.)


  2. Olde Dawg 78

    I’ve always wondered why the NCAA is in charge of all things related to college athletics and exactly who put them in charge.

    Ditto for the BCS selection committee although I suspect the answer to this one is the NCAA.


    • Mayor

      There certainly is the self-appointed aspect to consider. If one of the major conferences, say the SEC, left and formed a new organization there would be a tract meet among teams from the other conferences to join it. I don’t understand why the P5 schools don’t just leave and let the NCAA run the G5, D-IA, D-II and D-III. The NCAA has coexisted with the NAIA for years. Why can’t it run the middle tiers of college athletics, let the NAIA run the bottom and a new entity run the top tier?


  3. Mayor

    I have been calling for the abolishment of the NCAA for years. An amoral, self-serving organization that only cares about money.

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  4. 69Dawg

    The NCAA gives an equal vote to every member, as far as I know. It’s a lot like the UN General Assembly without the Security Council. It’s time the Power 5 and the Group of 5 said so long to the NCAA if they can’t come into the 21st Century. That Basketball tournament that pays for the NCAA would become a total joke compared to the P-5 tourney.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree, if just for D1 CFB only. Organization is inept on so many levels. It is obvious in this situation, and other similar ones, that no one in authority has watched even a single issue of Law and Order, or ever dealt with the legal system. It isn’t that hard to comprehend that a charged individual cooperates to get a more lenient disposition of the case. Failing to do so will have the effect of you having to do more investigative work to get where they can put you with a simple “deal”. How many more bricks have to hit the schools on the head before they tell them to “suck it” when asked to voluntarily provide them with an admission of guilt?


  5. Doug

    I’d like to ask Emmert and the NCAA the same question the Bobs asked Tom Smykowski in “Office Space”: “So could you tell us exactly what it is…you do here?”