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Live, with in the arena expertise!

Think I’m just gonna let this one hang out there with no comment.



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“I think we’re very close to the finish line.”

In case you were wondering

Mars represents Georgia transfer quarterback Justin Fields, who is filing a waiver appeal so he can be eligible immediately at Ohio State. “I spent my career digging up [stuff], taking all the jigsaw pieces and telling a story,” Mars said. “I do the same thing at trial. I’ve done the same thing in the Fields case.” Mars had high praise for Buckeyes’ coach Ryan Day, Ohio State compliance and the entire experience. Regarding the Fields case, Mars told CBS Sports on Sunday, “I think we’re very close to the finish line.”

Digging up stuff, eh?  Sounds like the best we can probably hope for is that they don’t make the justification for the waiver a public matter.


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You knew this was coming.

Today, in America is a great country, comes this heartwarming story of a man who’s learned his lesson so completely that he’s able to skip past the Alabama analyst stage and go straight to coaching again:

After Hugh Freeze and Rich Rodriguez were recently awarded second chances in their coaching careers, Southern Miss may be on the verge of giving Art Briles his.

The former Baylor football head coach is on the Hattiesburg campus to interview for USM’s vacant offensive coordinator position, a source has confirmed to the Sun Herald.

Doesn’t that just give you the warm and fuzzies all over?


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Les is more.

So, Jeff Long gets named athletic director at Kansas and fires the head football coach.  You may remember the heavy lifting that man had to do because of Charlie Weis’ spectacularly inept job of roster management ($$).

In the recruiting classes of 2012 and 2013, Weis and his staff brought in a combined 27 junior college transfers. Only two were academic qualifiers coming out of high school. Fourteen did not graduate, and 10 — including touted signees Marquel Combs, Chris Martin and Kevin Short — never saw the field. And then, by the end of 2014, they were all gone. So was Weis. Going into 2015, only 12 of Weis’ first 56 signees were still on the roster.

Jeff proceeds to bring in Les Miles as the new man.  And guess what?

… Miles ended up signing 11 players during the early signing period. Kansas went from having the fewest commitments of any FBS team to tied for the fourth fewest with Maryland and UMass.

Junior college prospects were a big part of Miles’ plan and class. He added ESPN JC 50 defensive end Malcolm Lee, juco defensive tackle Caleb Sampson, juco wide receivers Andrew Parchment and Ezra Naylor, junior college safety Justin Ford and juno quarterback Thomas MacVittie, who originally signed with Pitt in the 2016 class.

Miles inherited an uphill battle to say the least, so being able to sign 11 prospects in a little over four weeks after being out of coaching completely has to be commended. But if Miles wants to turn this program around quickly, 11 commitments is not going to give him enough help.

Having a weak first recruiting class isn’t an impossible obstacle to overcome, but the small class could put a big dent in the roster a few years down the road. The staff will have a chance to fix that in the 2020 class, but as of right now, Kansas does not have any 2020 commitments.

Over half his first signing class comes from the juco ranks.  What’s that old definition of insanity again?


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Perspective is a beyotch.

Maybe we shouldn’t get so angry about Jim Chaney’s second-half playcalling against Alabama.  Or Richt’s last five seasons.  Or…

There is that.


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Just thought I’d drop in on StingTalk and see what’s happening.

Be afraid.  Be very, very afraid… after you manage to stop chucking, that is.

That’s almost as good as this was.

It’s amusing how these guys can’t simply be happy that they’ve now got coaches who are invested in recruiting.  Nah, they’ve got to insist they’re going to storm the top ten of the 247Sports Composite overnight.

Bless your hearts, fellas.


UPDATE:  “I’m not the delusional one!  You’re the delusional one!”

This guy writes for Rivals and Yahoo, believe it or not.


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“We would like to… professionalize him right away, be our Joe Namath.”

Trevor Lawrence, the Pacific Pro Football League wants you.

Yee added that there could be endorsements for the young quarterback as part of the deal.

“Adidas is one of our founding sponsors, and I think they might want to make him an endorsement proposal. He would be professional and he would learn an NFL-style game with us before he declares for the (NFL) draft.”

Current NFL rules dictate that a player must be at least three years removed from high school to enter the draft, which wouldn’t make Lawrence eligible until the 2021 NFL draft.

In addition to potential endorsements, Lawrence would be eligible for the rest of the Pacific Pro Football League’s benefits.

“Players will receive a salary, benefits, and even paid tuition and books for one year at community college,” the League website says. “Players also will be able to market themselves for compensation, and begin creating a financial retirement plan if they so choose. Pacific Pro’s top priority will be the proper development of the player, on and off the field, using professional protocols.

Does Lawrence feel like pioneering?  Would Clemson allow itself to be outbid for his services?  (I keed, I keed… I think.)  Doubtful.


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A blogger’s hope

Kirby, you gotta sign this kid.

Three or four years of posting about a quarterback named Gunner is blogging manna from heaven.


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