Just thought I’d drop in on StingTalk and see what’s happening.

Be afraid.  Be very, very afraid… after you manage to stop chucking, that is.

That’s almost as good as this was.

It’s amusing how these guys can’t simply be happy that they’ve now got coaches who are invested in recruiting.  Nah, they’ve got to insist they’re going to storm the top ten of the 247Sports Composite overnight.

Bless your hearts, fellas.


UPDATE:  “I’m not the delusional one!  You’re the delusional one!”

This guy writes for Rivals and Yahoo, believe it or not.



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18 responses to “Just thought I’d drop in on StingTalk and see what’s happening.

  1. Bulldog Joe

    “We got juice.” (n.) When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. At Georgia Tech, you can do that.


  2. Bright Idea

    I talked to an old Tech alum yesterday. “They’re not getting any more of my money,” he said after I broached the subject of them spending more on recruiting and analysts. He was loyal for a long time but now he’s out. Go figure.


  3. ugafidelis

    What does “ban hammer’d mean?


  4. J-DawG

    GA Tech physics lesson: the angle of the dangle is in direct proportion to the heat of the meat which correlates exactly to the sag of the bag. Build a team using that formula.

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  5. barneydawg

    Corch “Goff” Collins’ mouth is writing checks that his team is not going to be able to cash.

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  6. austin

    Well they play Clemson first sooooo their world domination starts there I guess lol.


  7. Texas Dawg

    I think we should be VERY worried. Collins has lit a fire under tech (once they improve I will start capitalizing tech again) that has not been there in years (wait, it has been there but it was a dumpster fire so I digress). The NERDS don’t even show up in the top 50 (as far out as they rank teams) on the 24/7 or ESPN site. They come in at #51 on Rivals. I think that with this new dynamic coaching staff they should be able to zoom up the rankings to at least #47 or #48 if a few things fall their way. They have always been obsessed with UGA football over on North Avenue, but it sounds like they are feeling their oats and expanding to also obsess over Alabama and Auburn. I’m sure all those decommitments from other schools are lined up to sign with tech. Shouldn’t they first worry about Clemson since that is an annual in conference beatdown?


  8. TimberRidgeDawg

    They have a helicopter and the coach likes WaHo and talks to the press.
    Hope springs eternal or until at least until they play Clemson in August.


  9. stoopnagle

    That’s adorable.


  10. VoxDawg

    Never change, Nerds. Never change.


  11. VoxDawg

    The implication in this post is too delicious to ignore:

    “Other than beating uga on the field (which I think will also happen) our best defense against the doomsday scenario of a uga national title is a strong recruiting game.”


  12. You’re a little concerned too, huh? It’s ok, they have a long way to go but seem to be making good moves. Same for a few of our rivals.

    The good news is we aren’t going anywhere unless we keep squandering opportunities. If that’s not allowed, I’ll give a “but Mark Richt”.


  13. FlyingPeakDawg

    I continue to be amazed they have fans…who discuss football…on a blog….semi-regularly. There’ what…4 of them? Must be the group that splits the tickets and free hot dogs.


  14. Milledge Hall

    The trade school’s first game against clemmons, clemmons can name the score.
    Much more interesting will be the next two against South Florida and Citadel, both at the Dudd memorial for quitting. I think the Bulls will win, and maybe name the score.
    The bulldogs from Charleston will be very interesting, considering what they did to Bama in 2018. When the bulldogs from Charleston beat them….
    Whoa Nellie!!
    Then, the bloggers on the stanktalk will be apoplectic!!

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  15. Mayor

    It all gets back to recruiting IMHO. FishFry was a recruiting negative. Collins and his staff appear to be an improvement in that department. If Collins just can get UGA’s culls he can do alright against the Wake Forests and UVAs of the world. Tech is in the weak half of the ACC and with just decent athletes possibly can win that division. Then they get a chance in the ACCCG. I see why Collins took the job. He needs to STFU though. He’s making himself look silly.

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  16. Anyone figured out what this guy means? “That said, I do think an active, aggressive Georgia Tech is already changing the recruiting dynamic across the entire region. Love it.” 247 has gtu ranked 54th this year and unranked next year with 0 recruits, what changed?