“If he wasn’t a coach, he’d run a multimedia company.”

To be clear, while it’s been an unadulterated joy to mock some Georgia Tech fans’ oversized expectations regarding their new head coach, I do think Geoff Collins is a solid pick.  It’s an understatement to say that the genius had worn out his welcome on the Flats and the program was in desperate need of someone fresh and realistic about the role recruiting should play in a state like Georgia.

That all being said, what in the hell does this mean?

… When Collins got the Georgia Tech job in December, one of the first calls he made was to the wunderkind he calls Morpheus. (Collins swears he knows Stancato’s proper name, but he rarely uses it.) Soon after, Morpheus joined the Yellow Jackets’ program as its first brand manager. In fact, he’s the first person to hold that particular job title at a Power 5 program.

Why focus so much on brand? Simple, Collins says. “In the NFL, players choose based on contract length and dollar amounts,” he says. “But when high school players choose a school, they’re choosing based on brand. So you create the strongest brand and strongest culture you can.”

Dude, this is Georgia Tech you’re talking about.  All the branding in the world won’t change that.

Of course, Collins knows branding doesn’t win games.

And yet…


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19 responses to ““If he wasn’t a coach, he’d run a multimedia company.”

  1. truck

    I beg to differ, Senator. This is Georgia Tech. You can do that!!!


  2. 81Dog

    If you have a product to sell that is the modern day equivalent of sarsparilla and your target competitor is the functional equivalent of Coca Cola, and your target market segment hates carbonated beverages (except for Zima)………… at Georgia Tech, YOU CAN DO THAT!

    Jeff might as well be selling stock in plastic straw manufacturing companies at a Greenpeace convention. IT’S AN UNTAPPED MARKET SEGMENT, PAWWWWWL, HE’S A MARKETING GENIUS!

    His first move was to copy the line he used at Temple, which he likely stole from allstate, “mayhem is coming!” Stealing a line you used at a trash, second rate program that you stole from a national insurance ad campaign isn’t brilliant marketing to me. It’s more like a cheesy move in a hotly contested HS student council election. But hey, nerds love tough talk and drama….


  3. J-DawG

    #11: Beat UGA. Here at GA Tech, you “CAN’T” do that.


  4. Butler Reynolds

    Georgia Tech has an acceptance rate of about 25%. So, outside of sports, their branding seems to be just fine for what they’re after.

    I don’t know how successful he’ll be on the football front, but he can’t do any worse. No thanks to the city government, Atlanta isn’t the apocalyptic wasteland that it used to be. Urban areas are attractive to the younger crowd now, so Collins might just improve the appeal.


  5. gastr1

    Seems to me the main point will be RE-branding. They have a brand now and it’s pretty well known to be the Sears of CFB. It’s basically turned into a military academy that plays in a P5 conference…I mean, if I were Collins, I’d be thinking about this too, I think.

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  6. paul

    Geoff is doing what he can with what he’s got. Can’t blame him for that. Unlike the Genius, at least he understands what he’s being paid for.


    • Macallanlover

      True dat. Turns out the Genius was a highly paid moron, he badly misplayed an already bad hand.


      • Derek

        Wanna bet on whether Collins, his successor, or his susccessor’s, successor wins an ACC Championship, like the moron did?

        Three ACC championship games and 1 title is not bad for Tech.


  7. Russ

    Wouldn’t surprise me to see him make some Chantastic noise. As much as Tech yammers on about academics, they could approach Stanford or Northwestern type success with full support from all their millionaire alumni. They have the liberal arts programs (History of Technology anyone?) for the athletes so inclined, plus they can offer a good education to the others.

    I think their main roadblock is their alumni base just doesn’t GAS anymore. I guess it doesn’t play well in Mumbai.


  8. Count me as someone who is more mildy annoyed by Tech than has full-throated hatred of them (I reserve that for Florida and Auburn). Now, the mild annoyance can dial-up to hatred pretty easily dependent on factors like 1. if they actually beat us or 2. their fans being too-big-britches a-holes.

    Normally, I actually think it’s a good idea for them to get better and thus, help our SOS rather than hurt it. It’s so much better (and more satisfying, honestly) for UGA to beat a 9 or 10 win Tech team that wins its division than a 5 win Tech team hoping to finish 6-6.

    Here’s the thing: even with that level of success, they’re never going to be a true recruiting threat. They may snag the occasional four star we want, maybe a 5-star we want once a decade (think Calvin Johnson), but the thing is, Tech should always be able to get the 3 star guys UGA, Bama, Clemson, Auburn, and Florida don’t grab or aren’t recruiting hard enough. Fish Fry wasn’t even doing that. He wasn’t grabbing those guys or showing them enough love so they’d go to Tech. 3-star guys should always want to go to Tech and start instead of sitting on Bama or Georgia’s bench for 3 or 4 years. Under Fish Fry, who had bigger fish to fry than pay attention to recruiting, they didn’t.

    Geoff Collins doesn’t have as big a uphill battle as many are saying he does. He just needs to show the 3-star guys more love than the big SEC schools and Clemson can, and snag a few 4-stars per class, and he’ll have a team that can win that crappy division ever 2 or 3 years or so.


    • Derek

      The problem is how do you beat the teams who are getting better players by doing the same things on the field?

      The reason CPJ was able to win with Div. II talent was the fact they did things completely different than anything anyone was going to see week to week.

      If you’re going to come in an install either a Meyer/Mullen/Gus type offense or a pro style how can you win games with 3 stars when the other guys have 4 and 5 stars?

      Chances are that tech declines even if their recruiting ticks up. Their best chance is:

      1) Be patient while waiting the 3 years for CPJ players to wash out.
      2) Sign, develop and maintain for 5 years as many kids as you can and hope that you’re playing UGA, Clemson etc… with a bunch of young 19 and 20 year olds while you’ve got a bunch of 22 year olds.

      That’s still a very difficult and narrow path and chances are you’re still winning 7-9 games a year at best. After all Lawrence and that wideout were young, but it didn’t matter much.


      • DoubleDawg1318

        They definitely shouldn’t play pro-style, but they don’t need to beat UGA and CU to drastically improve the program. GT should be able to go head to head in recruiting against the likes of South Carolina and NC State. If they rank in the 20’s and 30’s in recruiting they should be able to consistently compete for their division and beat teams like Duke and UNC.


      • They’re not going to run a pro-style offense. They’re going to run the offense Temple ran which went very fast and put a ton of points up against the AAC’s best teams, including the 2017 National Champions.

        So, that offense, with 3-star and some 4-star recruits, should be more than good enough to win 9 games a year and win that crappy division.


    • DoubleDawg1318

      I agree. Tech should be able to get their share of 3 & 4 star talent that is Plan B or C for UGA, CU, and AL. That would make them very competitive in the ACC.


  9. FlyingPeakDawg

    The best Tech branding message was established before Hate Week this year, thanks to GTP contributor Cigarstock:



  10. Yet another thing that reminds me of James Franklin.

    I thinking winning ( and beating some top opponents in general) is your best branding.