Denial is a river that runs through Atlanta.

This may very well be the most pathetic thing I’ve read today… and don’t forget I’ve already seen that Auburn blog post about Pickens.

Can I get a “bless your heart” from the congregation?



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65 responses to “Denial is a river that runs through Atlanta.

  1. DawgPhan

    Who did they get? I was busy looking at 5 star flips.

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  2. 81Dog

    whaaaaaaaaaat? Ray Goff was 5-2 against Tech. They suck.

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  3. Doug

    Isn’t it telling that Rudolph had to reach back two decades to find a time when Tech actually had a streak over Georgia?


  4. William

    By. What. Metric?


  5. 81Dog

    Richt lost twice to them in 15 years. Kirby is 2-1. Donnan didn’t do well, but that’s a short time span. Over the last 30 years, we have kicked their asses at a record clip. Good thing they had better coaching, we might have gone 30-0 (which is pretty close to what we should have done, right?)


  6. Spike




    Who is Rudolph? Where has he been?
    Looks like Kirby is in for hard times against the bee. ROFLMAO


    • Uglydawg

      Coleman Rudolph is a pen name for Lewis Carroll.
      Also notable among his works are , “Alice In Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”.


  8. Russ

    What Auburn blog are people reading? I need some good Wartigleplainstears.


  9. I hope Kirby has committed this to memory and we hang 70 on Jeoff in November.


    • Otto

      I want Smart to get the largest margin of victory in the series as well as longest winning streak which are the only 2 metric they have in the series. I see no reason why it is not very possible. He could have had largest margin of victory if he kept his foot on the gas last year, man I wish that had been set at Fish Fry’s last game.


  10. Mark

    Three out of GOL’s last four? Maybe my memory fails me, but doesn’t that include their “wins” gained while they were playing umpteen ineligible players? Including the most excellent Mr. Joe Hamilton?


  11. Bright Idea

    CTE is nothing to mock. Coleman covered too many kicks with his chin strap unbuckled.


  12. Mallard-Drake

    Where is this Auburn Blog post about Pickens you speak of? I do enjoy their misery.


  13. Athens Dog

    It’s just too stupid to comment on

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  14. Morris Day

    Tech snagged Rome RB Jamious Griffin that AU thought they were getting. Mind blowing!


  15. The Dawg abides

    Eh, I’ll give him Ross over Goff two years and O’Leary over Donnan 3-2, but that’s it. And what came out of that was Ross and O’Leary jumped to better offers, while Goff and Donnan got fired.


    • Muttley

      Somebody check me on these-
      Ross: went out on a home loss to Georgia (+ Hawai’i Bowl. Yay!)
      Lewis: went out (series-wise) on an ugly home loss to Georgia.
      O’Leary: went out on an ugly home loss to Georgia.
      Gailey: went out on an ugly home loss to Georgia.
      Johnson: went out on an ugly loss at Georgia (+ some Crap Bowl).

      Did I miss any? Oh, yeah- Curry, Rodgers, Carson, Fulcher, Dodd…that’s as far back as I can manage. All left the flats on the end of UGA’s foot.

      Maybe Bill Alexander out-coached us. Or that Heisman guy.


      • Russ

        I was thinking of how Dodd screwed (is still screwing) Tech. He built them up in the 50’s and early 60’s to where they thought they were so special, they should be independent. That started an immediate decline in their fortunes, and even begging their way into the ACC hasn’t really lead them back to where they were. Nor are they likely to ever be that again.


        • stoopnagle

          I’m sure some able techster will find his way here to remind you of their half-title a mere 28 years ago — since damn near everyone has forgotten about it.


        • JCDawg83

          Like every person I have ever had any contact with from tech, Dodd suffered from great hubris. He thought he could threaten to leave the SEC and all the other schools would cave in to him on the 140 scholarship rule. He held himself and tech out as some “gold standard” and thought his threat carried enough weight to move the rest of the conference.

          In the end; tech crapped in it’s mess kit and I love it.


  16. Texas Dawg

    Thanks for that. I needed a good laugh today.


  17. Thatguy

    Coleman has apparently been doing a lot of yoga, lately, because, that’s one hell of a stretch…


  18. 81Dog

    Tech people love to troll. If any of them are as smart as they claim, they couldn’t possibly believe such a stupid statement. “It’s no secret”…..yeah, it’s no secret. It’s a pure fever dream by someone on acid after smoking meth. I guess knowing math doesn’t make you able to reason objectively.


  19. TMC DAWG

    This guy has brain damage.


  20. Mikey

    Leave Georgia Tech alone they are a good historic rival. And btw they are over the years in the history of Tech is impressive. Can’t argue with that history


  21. W Cobb Dawg

    “…GT has had better coaching over the last 30 years vs @FootballUGA. The future battles of @CoachCollins vs Smart will be no different.”

    Pfft. I wonder if this guy even buys gtu season tickets.


  22. Will Trane

    Coleman Rudolph played at Tech, as did his father.
    They are from Valdosta. VHS grads.
    More than likely it has been hard on them not from Tech’s side, but also VHS…considering the success Lowndes High and Colquitt High have had against them.


    • Mark

      I’m a Moultrie High (later absorbed into Colquitt County High) alum, and let me guarantee you – CCHS would have to beat the [feces] out of VDHS for about 50 straight years before we would even THINK about calling it even.


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