Kirby, and the further adventures of always be ‘crootin’

Talk about killing your two birds with one stone:

HOW IT HELPS GEORGIA: Wow. How do you think Kirby Smart looks and feels right now? Probably has a half smile on his face. Georgia lost Jadon Haselwood late to Oklahoma and they went all in for Pickens, and it paid off. It was a debate on who the better receiver was, but either way, the Bulldogs have pulled off a huge surprise and landed one of the top playmakers in the country.

As player, not many are better this cycle. Pickens is the king of jump-balls, he plays the game hard, he is a tough match-up one-on-one and he is one who can make an immediate impact. What is scary about Pickens is that he still has plenty of room to grow. He is a lean 195 pounds and will easily add another 20 pounds or muscle to his frame. He has the ability to stretch the field and he gives quarterbacks a big window to throw to.

HOW IT HURTS AUBURN: Pickens was the first 2019 prospect to commit to Auburn. He stayed with them until the morning of National Signing Day, so this one really stings on the Plains. Auburn had to work overtime and grind it out to keep him committed, only to lose him to a rival late. Pickens committed early, but was he ever solid? He did not make it easy for the Auburn staff, but they stayed with it and deserve a lot of credit here for staying with him. There is no doubt this one really hurts at Auburn.

Hate it for them, I really do.  (Okay, not so much.)


UPDATE:  This is rich.  (In more ways that one.)



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  1. Awesome! I would have loved to have either, or both, but Pickens seems like the ideal WR ready to contribute. At least physically. This will probably be one of the program’s best signing day flips. We got 2 badass WRs in this class and that really hasn’t happened too often.

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  2. Argondawg

    I heard there were question about him qualifying but just heard from a buddy who works in the athletic department they fully expect him to qualify and he won’t be placed. So we sign the top 2 players this year out of Alabama? what a weird year.

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    • RandallPinkFloyd

      Hope your buddy is right! If all the big boys in the SEC were still after him, they probably had similar thinking about his chances of qualifying.


  3. I didn’t realize he was their first commit. That’s rough as hell to be their very first commit and flip at the last possible second, without notice. Accusations will fly! *bag man


  4. Can he and Blaylock block?

    Frivolity aside … way to go, Kirby and Hankton.


  5. Read the comments in that link. It’s already begun.


  6. Rusty

    He doesn’t care for Auburn.
    Good on him.


  7. Silver Britches

    Hey while y’all are celebrating, don’t forget to keep an eye out for that cannon shot from South Carolina’s #21-ranked recruiting class.

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  8. Derek

    We got the top two players from Alabama in this class!!!



  9. Russ

    Two 5* receivers this cycle. I like it!


  10. Biggus Rickus

    If they can keep Elam from Florida, that would be about all they could have done with the limited spots left today.


  11. PTC DAWG

    Fence around the state my ass…


  12. No doubt but I’d be lying if I said I don’t often “wonder” about these situations.

    I can see why one would prefer Georgia over Auburn- compare QBs, QB development, OL and over offensive success. Why wait until the last possible second, though? Doesn’t really matter. We got him and hopefully legitimately.


    • Russ

      If he’s like me, I have trouble deciding on where to go eat lunch. I don’t decide until it’s time to eat. I don’t think this situation is much different, and the stakes are just a tad higher for him.


      • Ugh! If anything breaks up my marriage it’ll probably be fallout over deciding on food. We’re both pretty good about knowing what we want when it comes to most anything else but bring on “I’m tired and just want to grab something” night. No fights over it but we become completely inept and it’s so frustrating. It’s both hilarious and maddening. It usually turns into a “tell me what you DON’T want” game. Then there are the kids. One is so picky and the other just wants chicken fingers.

        You’re probably right about Pickens, though. 🤣

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    • Bulldog Joe

      It makes sense. Keep your leverage until most of the player and coaching moves have taken place.

      Georgia had four receivers leave early (including TE’s) and made a change at OC. Auburn lost Stidham, OC Chip Lindsey, and didn’t get Kelly Bryant or any other QB in the portal. Then they hired a 29 year-old OC to be Gus’ errand boy.

      Good move.


  13. Dang Senator, when you say, “Kirby’s on the mother,” he REALLY is on the mother!


  14. Comin' Down The Track

    Owen PappWho? #ilikedrivininmytruck


  15. Spike

    Suck it Gus..


  16. J Scott

    For fuck’s sake… Auburn accusing UGA of cheating??



  17. W Cobb Dawg

    Incredible! I can’t believe we landed the top 2 players in bama. Not to mention 3 defensive linemen from Tennessee already signed in December. Fourteen (14!) recruits already have a month of classes in the rearview mirror. Just. Fricken. Incredible!

    Another 6’4″ stud receiver. Hey Jadon, when you remove your finger from a bowl of water how big a hole is left behind?


    • Illini84

      Oh but we didn’t get EVERYONE in Georgia and we didn’t WIN IT ALL, so none of this means shit.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        As an armchair geography expert (self-proclaimed, of course), it’s my understanding Georgia’s boundary once stretched from the Savannah River to the Mississippi River. I think Kirby stumbled upon that old map and decided that’s where he’d build his fence. Seems to be a some fence stretching into Florida too.


  18. Mark

    Hmmm, the tweet in the update about Auburn’s bagman activity seems to have been taken down. I wonder why? 🙂


  19. TMC DAWG

    Good get for the DAWGS. Just as good as Haselwood but no drama with this kid.


  20. The Dawg abides

    I used the class calculator thing on 247. Trey Sanders was the difference between the number 1 class and number 2. If we’d have gotten him, we’d have flipped spots with Bama. And from all reports his decision came down to the wire.