Gettin’ there

From that Hall/Godfrey take on Alabama’s dominance under Saban:

Even Georgia — the school who has gone furthest in trying to mirror Alabama’s blueprint — has come up short so far. The Bulldogs hired longtime Alabama assistant Kirby Smart, who recruited Georgia’s best classes ever, built a Saban-style defense in Athens, and brought some of Saban’s control-freak tendencies over with him. For instance: Smart took part in discussions with lawmakers in Atlanta to delay responses to open records requests about the football program at one point, a move so extreme Nick Saban has never even tried it.

Georgia made the playoff championship game in Smart’s second year in Athens. The Bulldogs lost in OT after leading for almost all of the game. The two teams met again in the SEC Championship, and Georgia lost again at the end of the game, this time only surrendering a lead or a tie when Jalen Hurts scored a touchdown with one minute and four seconds on the clock. Even at full throttle, they’re still one minute and four seconds behind the University of Alabama in the race to be college football’s best.

There’s no way to erase that minute and four seconds, of course.  As far as the future goes, though, Bill Connelly hints in his four-year recruiting study that Georgia may be getting very close to leveling the playing field.

Still, something interesting stands out right up top: while Alabama’s 2019 class was absurd and historic, head coach Nick Saban has basically only tied Georgia’s Kirby Smart in terms of recruiting since Smart, Saban’s former defensive coordinator, moved to Athens. Don’t let the Dawgs’ poor 2018 finish distract you from how loaded this team is going to be moving forward.

Whoa, Nellie.

‘Bama and Georgia are essentially tied in Bill’s weighted four-year average at 99.3%.  To give you some context, at 96.9%, third place LSU is closer to number twelve Michigan than it is to either the Tide or the Dawgs.  That’s recruiting dominance and Alabama is no longer alone.

Now, all Kirby’s got to do is…


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22 responses to “Gettin’ there

  1. CPark58

    Run the damn ball?

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  2. Find the check written to the officiating crew from the Tide Foundation before the game?

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    • Uglydawg

      My thoughts too.
      This stuff chaps my ass.
      The gifts handed Bama make the Jasper Sanks fumble against GT seem like a mosquito bite.
      The Bama lover that wrote that ignores the fact that without “The Gifts”, Bama walks out of that stadium with it’s tail stuck between it’s legs.
      I’ll not let them ignore the fact that Georgia beat their asses.
      What Clemson did to them with those big, strong receivers, Kirby saw.
      As great as Lawrence is, those monster receivers gave him that edge.
      The final piece is being put in place at UGA Big..Tall..Strong receivers and one of them right out of Alabamastan!


  3. ugafidelis

    “Poor 2018 finish.” It’s hard to finish strong when you basically filled the tank at ship at the beginning.


  4. paul

    Finish. Winning for 58:56 is good but it’s not enough.


  5. Derek

    Get an uncompromised crew of referees who aren’t legally blind?

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    • Uglydawg

      As much as I hate the NO Saints, I can relate to how they feel..only worse because it was a whole bag full of shit from the refs for us.


  6. GruvenDawg

    The next two years (and beyond) are going to be CRAZY to be a DAWG!


  7. Mayor

    I disagree with the article. From strictly a personnel standpoint I think Georgia is actually better already—hence the domination by the Dawgs for most of the game the last 2 times the 2 teams have played. In the 2017 national championship game it took a massive effort by the refs to secure the win for Bama (I’ll go to my grave believing that game was fixed). In 2018 in the SECCG Kirby made perhaps the worst decision ever made in the fake punt that opened the door for the Bama win. The players won that game—the coaches lost it. We’re there already IMHO.


  8. 4th and Kirby

    Kirby will put it all together. When Saban retires.


  9. moe pritchett

    64 seconds .


  10. FlyingPeakDawg

    …scheme fake kicks better.


  11. Russ

    Turn yo ass loose?


  12. Comin' Down The Track

    Lose control of losing control.