Musical palate cleanser, people are the greatest fun edition

Just finished watching Russian Doll on Netflix and the final scene is set to a song I hadn’t listened to in ages.

That’s Love’s “Alone Again Or”.  Always cool to come across a forgotten favorite like that.

Here’s a live version Arthur Lee performed 35 years after the song’s release.

I’ve always enjoyed Calexico’s cover of the song, with its Southwestern tinge.



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4 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, people are the greatest fun edition

  1. ilini84

    I saw Love in Anaheim a few years back. Lee fronted and they had their original guitar played sit in but the band, and the one in the video, is Baby Lemonade. They also had a full string section that really added to the show.


  2. Ben

    I just started Russian Doll last night. As a kid who grew up in the 90s with parents who were more into rock and roll, I’d never listened to Harry Nilsson before. That opening song from the first episode is a good one, and I guess the rest of the soundtrack will be a good one, too.


  3. watcher16

    Thoughts on the show? Isn’t it just like the movie Happy Death Day?


    • It really grew on me as it went along. Don’t want to give much away, but there’s a marked change of direction mid-way and it works well. I haven’t seen HDD, but from what little I know of it, this winds up in a different place.