Big shoes to fill

Not much mention is being made of this guy’s departure…

… and I know there’s depth and talent on the o-line, along with a coach who knows how to develop it.  Still, Gaillard really came a long way from where he started, didn’t he?


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21 responses to “Big shoes to fill

  1. Greg

    He was a good one, never will have thought he would have developed the way he did. But he was apparently determined to succeed. He will be “mist”, a DGD. Also, check out Cleveland on the last part of that video…..buried his man also. Love a nasty streak in my OL. Honestly think we get better on the OL overall next year

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  2. I hope one of the young guys is ready to take Gailliard’s place. Everyone forgets the dumpster fire the middle of the line was in 2015-16 after Boss Andrews headed to New England.


  3. Russ

    Yeah he turned it on for sure. Another in a long line of excellent Dawg centers. I hope he does well in the league and gets out with his health and wealth.


  4. Cojones

    Last I heard was that he was entertaining the move by putting his name in the pot. Must have gotten good news that I never heard about. There was open talk about newcomers to the position this year being trained by Gaillard. Who do we have with experience?


  5. Russ2

    A great center who came to UGA as a Defensive lineman


  6. Derek

    Don’t forget about Warren Ericson. He could up up winning the center spot. Hill may be more valuable at guard.



    Hopefully the falcons look at Galliard


  8. CB

    LG is the anti Justin Fields. Came in as a heralded recruit, got buried on the depth chart, switched positions, and excelled at a high level.