TFW your damage control needs damage control

Every time Greg McGarity moves his lips…

“I think his comments were misinterpreted,” said McGarity. “From the very onset, if you look at the press conference in its entirety, he led off by taking full responsibility for everything. I think Tom cares deeply about these players and the perception that he was not caring or trying to shift blame to them was certainly not taken that way.

″…If you look at the whole press conference in its entirety, instead of maybe pulling a couple of graphs out and singling out those, it didn’t portray the whole story.”

an angel gets his wings ($$).

In any case, Crean said that once he read his comments, he realized he had made a mistake and that it was “heavy on his mind.” He said he considered putting out a statement over the weekend but decided to wait until Monday’s regularly scheduled media availability.

He also apologized even though his boss, athletic director Greg McGarity, defended Crean’s comments in an interview with the Athens Banner-Herald, saying they were “misinterpreted” because only a couple of paragraphs were singled out. McGarity, interestingly, did not say that Crean shouldn’t have said what he did, including the part about cutting players. But Crean did say he was wrong.

“That was definitely my mistake,” he said. “And I didn’t realize it at the time, or I’d have corrected it. I didn’t realize it until I read my words. That’s not what I meant. And it certainly wasn’t my intent. But I said it, and that’s why I’m apologizing now.” He went on to add, “It’s not about taking somebody’s scholarship. You don’t have the right to do that. But it’s about believing in guys. Right? And I want them to believe in themselves.”

Is there a more thankless job in college athletics than being a “Georgia athletic department spokesman” having to clean up after McGarity soils himself?  What’s the over/under on the number of times Claude Felton’s said “oy, not again” under his breath?


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10 responses to “TFW your damage control needs damage control

  1. 79Dawg

    Obviously, McGarity realized how asinine his “defense” was after getting some major blowback and sent Crean out to fall on his sword and try to take some of the heat off… Guy could not manage himself out of a paper bag or show less self-awareness if he tried…


    • You seriously believe that? Crean threw McGarity under the bus. Even I don’t think McGarity’s inept enough to engineer that.


    • McTyre

      Indeed. Peter principle embodied. Maybe with Leebern out of the picture now we can land a top notch AD. While I have no idea whether a Stinxhcomb (Matt or Jon) or Frank Ros are interested or qualified, but any of those 3 would represent a quantum leap in interpersonal skills and gravitas – needed to do battle in the good ole boy pit that is the SEC AD ranks/League office (and potentially to be a check on Kirby’s influence in the rare instances he tries to match the likes of Bama, LSU, Auburn it ATM in swinging the pendulum too far away from academics, accountability and financial management).


      • JoshG

        McGarity hired Kirby. If Crean proves to be successful, McGarity is going to be seen as one of the greatest AD’s in the country, dim as he is.


  2. CEPH

    As McGarity (who looks like the reincarnation of Alfred E Neuman) says, “what me worry”!!! He is too stupid to to say anything relevant to the press.


  3. Doug

    McGarity really isn’t very good at this whole “talking” thing unless he’s asking someone for money, is he?


  4. Ginny

    Just out of curiosity, what should he have said? Or should he just not have said anything?