The new normal

This is some statement — and keep in mind this is a formal release offered after some semblance of thought went into its making — from Southern Miss’ president regarding his head coach who tried to hire Art Briles and sign a player accused of raping two women at knife point, both decisions made without first informing the school.

Coach Hopson assured me of his commitment to overseeing a program that upholds the values of The University of Southern Mississippi. I know Coach Hopson to be a man of high ethics and integrity, and I assured him of the University’s dedication to continuing a winning tradition.”

Our conversation included many topics, including the events of the past week. As a matter of practice, Coach Hopson seeks approval from and works in good faith with athletic administration on prospective student athletes who have special or unique circumstances for admission to the University, which is consistent with University protocol in student-athlete recruitment. Additionally, Coach Hopson notified the University of his desire to meet with Art Briles, which is his right to do so as a head football coach and is in line with normal University processes. After an intentional and thorough review of Mr. Briles, candidacy, I expressed my reservations, and ultimately that review led to the decision that Mr. Briles was not a viable candidate.

I consider the matter closed, and I am looking forward to working with Coach Hopson on our mutual priorities and shared goals for the Southern Miss football program and how it contributes to our vision for The University of Southern Mississippi.

Can someone explain to me exactly what the school’s mutual priorities and shared goals are for its football program?  Because I don’t think terms like “high ethics and integrity” or “good faith” mean what I thought they meant.

Not to mention referring to a kid with felony charges hanging over his head as one of a group of “prospective student athletes who have special or unique circumstances for admission” made me throw up in my mouth a little.  Hope it’s worth it, Mr. School President.


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13 responses to “The new normal

  1. Uglydawg

    Seems to me that he is being overly diplomatic. A southern thing.
    “Coach Hopson, bless his heart, is an idiot” is my take.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Boy, that’s a lot of BS just to say “I consider the matter closed”.


  3. ASEF

    “Coach Hopson is down to his last strike. It’s not his football program. It belongs to Southern Miss. Fedora is looking for work. We can replace Hopson in an hour.”

    What I wish he had said.


  4. Should have been terminated on the spot. This guys moral compass has clearly been too close to a magnet


  5. Napoleon BonerFart

    Stacey Osborne is available for consulting work.


  6. Tony Barnfart

    Man, that rape thing is sadly (scarily) not an exaggeration. Dude hired an escort and raped her in his garage with a knife to her throat… addition to another rape, he was also shot a few months later after a dispute over money (at a middle school !). We need to be talking about euthanasia not football.


  7. jtp03

    USM President Bennett was at UGA as VP for Student Affairs for quite some time before taking the job in Hattiesburg.


  8. Mayor

    Personally I think if they were going to compromise their ethics Southern Miss should have passed on the player and hired Briles.