“Fundraising efforts are already underway.”

Haves vs. have-nots, Butts-Mehre edition:

Georgia Athletic Association board members will be briefed on the progress of efforts to add a new football-dedicated building to the Butts-Mehre Athletic Complex when it holds its annual winter meeting on Wednesday.

In a conference call with members of the board’s facilities and development committee Monday morning, Athletic Director Greg McGarity confirmed that a status report will be provided on the latest multi-million dollar project to come on line since Kirby Smart became the Bulldogs’ head coach in 2016. McGarity said Georgia is in the process of selecting engineers and architects for the project, which is expected to be erect a building in the space between the Spec Town Track & Field grandstands and the Payne Indoor Athletic Facility.

… Since Smart’s arrival on campus in January of 2016, Georgia has built and dedicated a $30 million indoor practice facility and $65 million locker room and recruiting area underneath the West grandstand at Sanford Stadium. Since the fall of 2015, members of Georgia’s relatively new Magill Society have pledged donations totaling nearly $100 million to cover the cost of those projects.

Board members will also be briefed on an upcoming project to improve the lighting at Sanford Stadium, McGarity said.

The majority of the focus on facilities updates on Wednesday will be on construction of a new grandstand for the Henry Feild Stadium courts at the Dan Magill Tennis Complex, McGarity said. Cost for that project is now expected to exceed $8 million. The board will also be briefed on plans to erect a new six-court indoor tennis facility for the complex.

“That will be the only action item on Wednesday,” McGarity said.

To date, none of the monies raised from the Magill Society have gone toward tennis. That is the sport Magill oversaw for decades before his death in 2014 at the age of 93.  [Emphasis added.]

Irony is dead.


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  1. DawgPhan

    I am sure that ADGM will note that the Women’s team did just win the indoor national title.


  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Irony? Not really. This is maybe the only time I will claim any personal knowledge about something, but I am friends with one of Magill’s nieces, and we have talked about this. Yes, he would want the tennis program looked after, but the truth is, if it is good for the University he wouldn’t care where the money was spent. She may be one of the few family members that think that way, but I doubt it.


    • Depends on your definition of “good for the University”. I would argue that Magill wouldn’t be happy that the facility he willed into being has turned from being a fixture in the NCAA championship picture to less than an afterthought, but YMMV.

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      • Just Chuck (The Other One)

        Caught the irony just before you pointed it out.
        Agree with your comment that Dan Magill probably would have liked to have seen more attention to the tennis facilities. Just better lights in Sanford? The better to see the long lines at concessions and bathrooms although this probably only means brighter lights for the field. Better for TV.


      • 81Dog

        Good thing McJughead is a former tennis player under Coach Magill, we might be looking at razing the complex to build another practice field or something. Coach Magill was the DGD-est of DGDs, and I bet his niece was correct about him only wanting what is best for UGA compared to what might reflect on him, but I also think it’s part of what is best for UGA not to just fritter away the NCAA tennis championships the way we’ve done under McJughead’s leadership. By all means, football is the engine that drives the rest of the UGA sports machine, but Coach Eaves always believed in spending money in areas UGA got a good return. Too bad McJ wasn’t paying attention 40 years ago.


  3. Ricky McDurden

    Wonder where cleaning up Foley Field falls on the list of priorities? Because while it’s pretty enough behind home plate, god forbid a camera pan down the lines or into right field. I’m not saying expanding capacity is the way to go (I would assume that a few seasons of sell outs would need to predate that step which means a return to 2002-2008 CWS runs would also be necessary) but a major SEC baseball program and the first to ever win a national title in the conference shouldn’t have lawn equipment sitting in the open behind a chain link fence dividing it from the field of play. Foley has always been a bottom tier baseball facility in the conference due to lack of imagination for the space but lately has fallen behind Alabama as their awful program now at least plays in a really nice park. That puts UGA firmly behind Miss St, Ole Miss, LSU, Arkansa, South Carolina, and Alabama. Florida just broke ground on a brand new baseball park that looks nice (despite pitiful attendance numbers for that program) so they’ll be passing us soon. Just weird that Baseball is only given cursory attention every decade or so and never in a complete way (the recent renovation to Foley has been a nice improvement but why stop short of actually fixing up the whole thing? If they’re not going to entertain investing in what they have, no way are they going to spend double or triple that to build a whole new complex off South Milledge).


  4. Russ

    The state of the tennis facilities is a disgrace. The fact that our AD is a former tennis letterman and let it get to that state is yet another glaring exame of his incompetence.


  5. Salty Dawg

    If Coach Magill isn’t spinning in his grave, he should be. It’s embarrassing how UGA has let the tennis facilities go down hill. McStingy should have been fired for letting it get that way and letting the other sports areas go down hill as well.



    Rumor has it that they will not retain Mcgoofy


    • Please let it be true. But then, how could they retain him based on his body of work? The guy has fumbled every snap, whiffed every time he came to the plate, airballed every free throw, face planted on every dismount, etc., etc. The longer this drags out, the more optimistic I get that someone finally gets it.


  7. Napoleon BonerFart

    I think that McGarity is probably in Moorehead’s good graces by focusing on revenue sports. Spending on tennis and baseball don’t build up the reserve fund. On the other hand, how hard is it to find somebody to cut the checks Kirby tells him to cut and ignore everything else?


  8. I get that UGA football runs the cash register, understanding not all sports at UGA can be updated at once, there fore lack of foresight and long term goals on a continuing basis, so that fundraising is not a need issue is the MOST annoying aspect of the ad’s performance at UGA that i don’t get (does the ad wait till he/she almost pees their panties before he/she is told to go). Am really interested how spring sports perform to gage the ad’s abilities to hire for success long term. No reason, other than last minute fund raising should UGA suck hind teet.


    • Chi-town Dawg

      There was a time when I was at UGA when the Spring sports dominated the conference standings each year. Swimming, Gymnastics, Golf, Tennis and Baseball were perennial winners and we routinely finished in the Top 10 standings of the (former) Sears Cup. No excuse with all the resources and in state talent available for us to be poor performers even if these aren’t money sports. BTW, a few top performing alumni in these sports can translate into mega-donations with the earnings for top athletes in golf, tennis and baseball.


  9. UGA '97

    100 mill. Example of the arms race, uhem, thehe continued cost of moving sports balls well enough to attract more eyeballs, and not a penny for their likeness of doing so.