I’ll take “Get a burner phone” for $200, Alex.

Over at The Athletic, Hugh Freeze is asked ($$) the musical question “Is there anything you wish you’d done differently at Ole Miss that you take into this job?“.

(No, that wasn’t part of his answer, sadly.)


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3 responses to “I’ll take “Get a burner phone” for $200, Alex.

  1. 81Dog

    Hugh probably would have bought the burner with his University credit card and immediately downloaded his Google contacts onto it. Outwitting The Man is a lot harder at the semi-pro level than it was when he was a HS coach.


  2. Bright Idea

    Hugh cleverly passed the buck to those that came before him at Ole Piss. He thinks we believe all of those studs showed up because they outlawed flag sticks in the stadium.

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  3. He’s going to fit right in at Liberty.