Missing in action

Give things a few years, and I have the feeling a certain school with red and black colors will be working its way up these lists.

To tell you the truth, with as much talk about how it’s a conference built in the trenches, it’s a little surprising to see how few SEC teams made either list.



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6 responses to “Missing in action

  1. That is the CMR legacy. Go out and recruit the skill players hard, but forget to look in the trenches. Probably the biggest difference in approaches from the previous coach to the current one.


  2. No matter the number drafted, i do luv me some Coach Sam Pittman….YEEESSSSS SSIIRRRRRRR!


  3. Biggus Rickus

    On trenches, I expect if you looked at defensive linemen drafted, the SEC would be more heavily represented.


  4. This truly explains it all.


  5. UGA '97

    7 of top 10 teams from SE so there’s that. Plus need the Dline list to get the full “trenches” story here a la salt n pepper, cream and sugar…