“Oh, and most important, we know that Todd Grantham is back to coach the defense.”

Connor O’Gara, senior national columnist for Saturday Down South, you do us a grave disservice with pronouncements like this.

Some — mostly Georgia fans — scoffed at the idea that Grantham could make nearly $1.8 million annually.

Scoffed?  Against Georgia, Todd’s last two defenses have yielded 31 and 36 points and over 400 yards of offense in each game.  We couldn’t be happier the Gators value his services so highly.


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40 responses to ““Oh, and most important, we know that Todd Grantham is back to coach the defense.”

  1. How can he possibly be worth $1.8m per year? They gave up 27 to Kentucky with Benny Snell running all over them, they struggled with Vandy, got torched by Missouri and us, and gave up 30+ to USCjr.


    • Biggus Rickus

      They did end up 17th nationally in S&P+. Of course, that leaves them at 7th in the SEC, so….


      • I would like to see what that looks like outside SEC games. I did some research when he was at UGA, and his defenses generally beat up bad competition and struggled mightily against ranked opponents. I bet he’s doing the same thing at all of his stops since. He has certainly had his pants pulled down the 3 times he has faced a Georgia offense.

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        • Biggus Rickus

          His defense was awful against Kentucky and bad against Georgia, Missouri and South Carolina. It was fine against LSU and Vandy (whose offense was surprisingly good on a YPP basis last year) and played well the rest of the season. The only dominant performance against a pretty good team was against Mississippi State.


    • 81Dog

      without a titan like TG, Florida might have let Snell run for 400 yards and given up 50! He’s worth every cent, indeed, he’s worth much more!!! PAY TODD HIS MONEY.



  2. Jim

    Add in the Bell Bowl stats and it’s an even sillier stat line


  3. UGA '97

    He can’t stop the run. Welcome back. Florida settled for Grantham, there wasn’t enough talent on the roster for Gators to attract another good coach. Grantham should be fired by the Monday after the cocktail party- bank on it.


    • 3rdandGrantham

      Not only that, but he’s about to get exposed big-time against the run starting soon, as his DL is going to be a major weakness starting in 2020. He has only recruited 1 DL in each of the past two classes, neither of whom are upper 4/5 star recruits, and he’s going to have a serious mess on his hands after this year in terms of depth/talent.

      He can sign all the OLBs in the world, which apparently is his ultimate goal. But if you don’t have a stout DL in this league, top teams will run it down your throat, all while your smaller/faster OLBs get swallowed up at the LOS.


  4. tbia

    I had a twitter co-follow Louisville fan who I told for a couple of years that he would grow to hate Grantham. He could not fathom it. When Petrino finally begged Todd to take another job, he tweeted me back a simple message.

    He is gone. You were right the whole time. I finally understand.

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  5. FlyingPeakDawg

    We should use our coaching salary savings to supplement Todd’s true worth at Florida.


  6. “There’s a reason that Florida broke the bank a little more for Grantham to stick around. The expectations are now higher than ever.”

    What are the expectations then, higher than ever means they are off the charts. It will be fun to crush them!

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  7. 3rdandGrantham

    I’m amazed that in a relatively short span of 20 years, you have coordinators making 3x what HC’s at major programs were making back in the late 90’s early 00’s. If I recall, Donnan’s package at UGA was a 200k base with 600k total compensation when including the TV deals and such.

    I remember I would occasionally see Jim pull into the gas station in front of BM to fill up his black Mercedes, and at the time as a poor college student, I’d look at him like he was one of the richest men in America. Little did I know a few years later people would scoff at that salary, as that would be the going rate of low level assistants/position coaches, while HCs would be making 10X+ that amount.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    And that Charlie Weis contract paid great dividends too…


  9. Otto

    It cracks me up that UT and UF seem to be proud to large sums of $$$ to Coordinators who many in UGA circles don’t want back.


  10. Texas Dawg

    The way old Todd keeps rolling in shit and coming out smelling like roses with a bigger contract reinforces my belief that he has something on somebody that is very embarrassing. How else do you explain it?


  11. ChiliDawg

    Say one thing for him, he’s got a hell of an agent


  12. Biggen

    I think Eddie sums up Todd Grantham pretty well here:


  13. Biggus Rickus

    What I love about Saturday Down South writers is that they maintain cognitive dissonance within the article. It’s one thing to ignore facts to maintain a narrative, but it’s another to include them and then act like they mean something other than they do:

    “A unit that returns 71 percent of its defensive production — that’s good for No. 42 among FBS teams — shouldn’t face a steep learning curve in Year 2 of Grantham’s system.”

    So they return what is essentially the average amount of experience, and that means no or at least a gentle learning curve?

    You still get fun cherry-picking, though:

    “Is Florida’s defense suddenly going to start looking like Alabama? Probably not, though it’s worth mentioning that even the Crimson Tide had as many games of allowing 30 points as Florida did in 2018 (the difference of course being that one had its best offense in program history).”

    That’s the difference? Not that two of Alabama’s three 30-point allowances were against two of the best offenses in the country in the playoff?

    Man, I love/hate the writers there.

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  14. Cojones

    Anyway, like that last shot, Senator. Happy to have him back with the Gators and mo’ money. You are aware that he is most wanted because of last year’s goal line stand against us, don’t you? We share the reason he is there in more ways than one, bless his NFL heart.


    • Doug

      Yep, his defense was outstanding inside the 5. Funny that you don’t hear any Florida fans talking about the other 90 yards on the field, though.


    • CEPH

      It wasn’t his defense it was the moron calling our plays inside the five. Someone promised Chaney they would send him a case of donuts weekly if he would leave. It was an offer. “he couldn’t refuse” Hell that was a bargain at twice the price (excuse me twice the case)


      • Trbodawg

        or maybe, just maybe, . .

        Kirby is a time traveler and he knew Cincinnati was coming for Todd. Wanting to keep him in Gainesville for as long as possible, he had the whole team ‘not see’ #92, thus ensuring UF would think Todd is a genius and pay him a boat load of money to stick around for another year. It could have happened that way.


  15. Texas Dawg

    3rd and Grantham is now firmly entrenched in football speak just like the term Hail Mary. Fans know when they hear that, that it is time to cross your fingers and pray, because the outcome is seldom favorable for your team.


  16. SDS is clickbait junk.


  17. TMC DAWG

    Usually when’s cat gets fat [Grantham] they just want to lay down and not do anything


  18. Former Fan

    It is possible he has improved as a DC.


    • willypmd

      He definitely has improved in my opinion, but he’s still a B- recruiter and a B+ DC being paid A+ money at our biggest rival.

      We have also historically owned him, I can’t blame Dawg fans for celebrating him staying over the prospect of UF hiring someone more in line with historical counterparts at UF DC


  19. Go Dawgs!

    Eleven more people, this time wearing blue and orange, staring at each other with their arms out to the side in the universal shrugging language that says “they have snapped the ball and we still have no idea where we are supposed to be standing.”

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  20. stoopnagle

    3rd and 13, 3rd and 2, 3rd and 9, and 3rd and 5

    Y’all that equals 24 points (28 when you’ve got Hot Rod bootin’ the ball)


  21. Russ

    I can’t wait to see Fromm hitting Swift on a wheel route as the 10th and 11th Florida defenders come sprinting onto the field after the snap.

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