Pop-up PSA

WordPress has gotten back to me about the issue many of you are having with those irritating pop-up ads.  According to WP, it’s not a site-related issue.  It’s a browser-related problem.

WP has sent me links to two articles about the problem and suggestions on how to deal with it, one in Mashable and one in Inc.  Please review them and let me know in the comments if you have any success.



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11 responses to “Pop-up PSA

  1. DawgPhan

    The Inc. article does a better job of describing the problem than the mashable article.

    The problem is in the ad networks that are used to fill the impressions created by this blog.

    Any time you run just the random ads supplied by the ad networks, you run this risk. There really isnt anything that can be done other than stop showing ads from networks. All of them are pretty terrible at policing this sort of issue.

    I would also note that if you follow the directions in the Inc article to remove the website data that removes the website data that will likely remove all your saved passwords or any other website customizations you have made.

    Sort of a pain in the ass to do every time you get a weird pop up.

    WordPress isnt going to stop this, one because it doesnt make sense for them to stop it and two they probably cant stop it.

    Senator maybe consider dropping the ads and replacing it with patreon and we can just send you the money to replace the ad revenue.


  2. Nick Burns

    Never had a pop-up anywhere using Opera. I recommend it.


  3. I never have to worry about it since I use the WordPress app for reading and commenting.

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  4. Rival

    Thanks for the info!


  5. Reverend Whitewall

    Thanks for this info. Weird how certain sites trigger it, including major sites. For example, about a week ago there was a 2 day period where I couldn’t read any espn articles because of all the redirects on their site too. But of all the sites I visit, only ESPN and here have ever given me problems, and only intermittently at both of those. I’m not smart enough to understand all that from a tech level. But my phone definitely is due to have some old apps that I never use anymore removed, so I’ll try that.



    We know Senator that things aren’t as good as in the past. ie internet


  7. Upstate Dawg

    The inc solution doesn’t really work for me, for reasons DawgPhan says. But what has worked really well is to stop the webpage loading once I see the blog’s text come up. Once in a while – not too often – this means I stop it before some .gif or something is fully loaded, but 100% of the time it means the malicious stuff gets stopped in its tracks.