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Heckuva job, Greggie.

The Georgia Way, a play in three acts.

I’m farming out the snark here to Groo.

Nah, McGarity’s holding that in his back pocket for the next time Auburn and the SEC need it.

Seriously, is there any doubt that the only thing you can be held accountable for at Butts-Mehre these days is screwing up the revenue stream?  There is no other sin.


UPDATE:  Your understatement of the evening…

“Less-than-ideal optics”.  Drollness is an underappreciated quality in sports reporting.



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Whither the Georgia Way?

Could we be looking at the next chapter in the B-M saga?

Not that I expect dramatic changes even if McGarity’s contract isn’t renewed.  After all, it’s still the same folks calling the shots.


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Amateur professionalism, or professional amateurism?

Here’s something strange.

The state of Florida’s exclusion of professional athletes from receiving workers compensation insurance coverage is forcing the Orlando Apollos to start practicing in Georgia at the beginning of March, Alliance of American Football officials told the Orlando Sentinel.

Although the situation admittedly isn’t ideal, league co-founder and CEO Charlie Ebersol said, “We really need to make sure we take the necessary steps to take care of our players. Our responsibility is always to do what we must do to make sure our players have the best available coverage.”

Starting sometime next week, the Apollos, according to team officials, will be housed in a hotel in Jacksonville for a little more than a month while busing 30 minutes over the border to practice at a high school in Kingsland, Ga. They will still play their home games in Orlando at UCF’s Spectrum Stadium.

AAF officials say the reason this is even an issue is because Florida, unlike many other states, will not cover professional athletes under its workers compensation laws. In Florida, professional athletes are not categorized as employees, which means state law prevents pro athletes from filing workers comp claims for injuries incurred while on the job.  [Emphasis added]

Hey, the NCAA business model!  Imagine that.  I guess that means if student-athletes ever leave to play for the AAF in Florida, they’ll feel right at home.

I admit the side bonus of Spurrier having to bring his team to Georgia to practice is amusing as hell, though.  Make yourself at home, Coach.


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Your 2.20.19 Playpen

If there’s one thing I hope we can all agree on…

A video showing a white woman swearing at the general manager of a Mexican restaurant in West Virginia for speaking Spanish went viral over the weekend.  [Emphasis added.]

… it’s that this country’s biggest problem is the sheer number of morons who live in it.

I got nothin’ today.  Have at it in the comments.


UPDATE:  Moar.

Steven Ray, known as “Stingray” on “The Paul Finebaum Show” is suing Barstool Sports.

The Mississippi State fan is alleging negligence, invasion of privacy and wantonness against Barstool Sports and WorldStarHipHop.

The lawsuit is a result of an online meme featuring Ray with the caption, “how can someone look like a child and a child molester at the same time.”

We’re fucking doomed as a species, I tell ‘ya.


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“There’s a good chance potential difference-making talents will redshirt this season.”

Dawgs247 ranks each of Georgia’s position groups on the basis of this:

We’ve divided it up to three categories graded on a 1-5 scale with 1 being the lowest possible grade and 5 being the highest. The categories are Front Line (experience and talent level of starters and major contributors), Overall Talent (every person at that position’s raw ability), and depth (combining talent and experience behind the starters and major contributors).

Only one group scores a perfect 15.  It shouldn’t take much effort to figure out which one.


I will be curious to see where Georgia’s offensive line places in Steele’s 2019 position group rankings.


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Maybe it’s early…

… but should we talk about the Notre Dame game a little now?  Here’s what Brett McMurphy has to say about it.

No. 1 – Notre Dame at Georgia, Sept. 21
Projected point spread: Georgia -10.5

The last time Notre Dame faced a team from the South, it wasn’t pretty (Clemson 30, Notre Dame 3 in last year’s Cotton Bowl). This game, pitting a pair of top 10 teams, will have huge College Football Playoff implications. While a loss won’t eliminate the loser from playoff contention, they would likely have to run the table the rest of the way since we’ve never had a two-loss team in the five-year history of the playoff.

Last year, Notre Dame’s defense surrendered its fewest yards since the 2012 team that reached the BCS title game. Six starters return off that unit, which will be tested by quarterback Jake Fromm and running back D’Andre Swift. The Bulldogs return 15 starters, 11 of which were freshmen or sophomores last season.

Notre Dame’s offense made huge strides when Ian Book replaced Brandon Wimbush as starting quarterback four weeks into last season. The Irish averaged 37 points a contest over their final nine games until Clemson held Notre Dame to three points.

This is a rematch of the 2017 contest in South Bend, won by Georgia 20-19 (in Fromm’s second career start, while Wimbush attempted a career-high 40 passes) on its way to reaching the College Football Playoff championship game. This will be Georgia’s biggest home non-conference contest since hosting Clemson between the hedges to open the 2014 season.

The first thing that catches your eye is that double-digit point spread over a team that just played in the CFP.  The second thing is the Clemson comparison.  Yeah, I know it’s a different season and all that, but that’s an easy narrative to hatch and we all know how the national media loves itself an easy Georgia narrative.

This game will get plenty of attention as it gets closer.  The 2017 road win jump started the Dawgs’ run towards their national title game appearance.  Will a 2019 win do the same?


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Five-star bling

Via 81Dog comes this smashing bit of snark.

Photoshop for yet another win.  Although I would have squeezed a trash can in there somewhere…


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