Better living through engineering

Gotta admit this is pretty clever, not to mention cost-effective for a small mid-major program:

The athletic department presented plans for an inflatable dome designed to be used by multiple varsity and club athletic teams to members of the Student Association, sparking concern among some members of the student body.

The inflatable dome would be located in the infield of the bike track behind Rice Stadium because it could not fit within the current football practice field, according to Deputy Athletics Director Rick Mello. It would cover 80,000 square feet, leaving 136 feet on either end to the inside curve of the bike track. The dome would be moved or deflated sometime before Beer Bike each year, with the time to be determined based on feedback from the student body, Dean of Undergraduates Bridget Gorman said. Bikers could still practice on the track while the dome is inflated, according to Mello.

The structure, which is still in the early development phase, will be used by teams during inclement weather such as rain or high heat, according to Mello.

The main users will be Rice football…

No, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Georgia’s fancy new $30 million IPF, but it sure looks a lot more functional than the half-assed facility B-M saddled Richt with back in the day.


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13 responses to “Better living through engineering

  1. Barstool

    Simple. Smart. Effective. You’d think college administrators would have come up with this long ago…..oh yea, nevermind.


  2. Russ

    Texans use something similar for their practice field outside of Reliant Stadium.

    BTW, tell me more about this “Beer Bike”.


    • Got Cowdog

      Based on some heel scarring and a missing toenail, I can tell you that the words do not belong together. I don’t care how many times you’ve ridden your mountain bike home from the bar in flip-flops.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    Just hope it’s cold air they’re pumping in there.


  4. 86BONE

    You would think someone at Rice could have photo shopped this using Google Earth….that ain’t even close to being Rice University. Maybe they should have asked Georgia’s School of Engineering for some help😎


  5. Tony Barnfart

    So basically put a large swimming pool bubble over a turf field and boom you have an IPF. It is probably what anyone being an actual steward of money should do.


  6. Hot Dawg

    So, could we get one of these designed for Sanford Stadium? I’m thinking BIG dawg house. Sure would make those early September noontime and late evening November games easier on fans!


  7. Union Jack

    Excuse Rice … Mr. Eddie Murphy would like to have a word.


  8. Union Jack

    Excuse me Rice. Mr. Eddie Murphy would like to have a word.