The road to recruiting domination runs through…

… Waffle House?

I eagerly await the first five-star who signs with Tech saying “he had me at Waffle House”.  Or who puts on a Waffle House hat at his signing ceremony.

Needless to say, this new culture thing leaves me baffled.  That may be an improvement from my attitude about Tech’s recruiting under the genius, though.



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  1. austin

    Also in IT 404 is an error code. It would be an error to go to GT.

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  2. gastr1

    I mean, any effort at all is an improvement, right? He’s starting with a pretty low bar.


  3. JasonC

    Hope our D shows this punk what “covered and smothered” looks like.

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  4. J-Dawg

    I want to see what his own full class looks like next year. That will be a small indication of where tech might be going. If he starts signing a few 4-stars along the way we may need to be slightly concerned at some point.


  5. Mick Jagger

    What has 4 teeth and says “hello”?

    The staff at The Waffle House


  6. dawgfan1995

    We can let Tech eat at Waffle House while we’re staying at the Ritz and eating at steakhouses.


  7. Dave

    I definitely don’t think CPJ was a genius, as you’re fond of calling him with your tongue firmly in your cheek.

    That said, I’m interested to see how this bozo does.

    I always defended the triple option as a good offense for Tech, because these days it’s difficult, nigh impossible for them to recruit ‘regular’ players at a highly competitive level ’round these parts.

    Who Georgia doesn’t get is promptly sniped by Bama, Auburn, Clemson, et. al.

    Always felt that going after different types of players gave them a shot. It did for a while.

    Now, they’ll have to hope for that rarist of things; a life-long Tech fan who’s a really good football player, or identifying diamond in the rough after diamond in the rough and polishing them down.


  8. 3rdandGrantham

    If you look closely, you can see an ad on the window of the Family Dollar in the background selling GT t-shirts for $3.99.

    It’s also fitting that there is a Rent-a-Center next door as well, given they have been a major sponsor of GT football in recent years, with RaC banners proudly displayed all around their stadium.


  9. 86BONE

    “Bubba Teeth”, I believe out of Evans, GA, never did work in the Waffle House!
    But I promise you one thing, they have the best blade steak, eggs over medium, dry toast and crunchy hash browns a guy could ever eat!
    “Get me outa here Percy”


  10. Dcampbell

    I guess he only agreed to the contract with Waffle House when they threw in free coffee for life.


  11. Russ

    Senator, your last sentence is the key. Anything Geoff does in recruiting is better than what The Johnson did. I think he’ll make them consistently mediocre with a puncher’s chance every few years. That’s his upside.


  12. JoshG

    Stop trying to ruin Waffle House for me, dork.

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  13. 81Dog

    Does Coach Jeff think he’s an Atlanta rapper? If so, his name should be MC Failure. To be accurate, the hat should read “.404” because that is likely his winning percentage next year… if he over achieves.


  14. Dawg151

    I enjoy watching the Dawgs pound Tech into the turf on an annual basis…but watching them destroy teams coached by this guy is only going to add to that enjoyment.


  15. JCDawg83

    It certainly appears Collins has the “doosh factor” tech looks for in it’s coaches.


  16. Hambone

    Many of the Higher Up Executives at WH are Tech Grads, including their president and CEO Walt Ehmer. Makes sense that they would buy in.


  17. Texas Dawg

    I heard an afternoon drive talk show host years ago talk about car commercials and his theory seems to apply to football programs as well. The cheaper the care the louder the salesman. You never hear Lexus or Mercedes commercials where they are screaming. College football seems to be the same way. When you hear Kirby, Nick, or Dabo, talk about their teams, it is like they are selling a Lexus. Very low key and business like. When you hear Collins, Boom, Pruitt, and Mullen, they sound like a used car salesman screaming about easy financing because the product they are selling sucks.


    • 3rdandGrantham

      That’s actually a fairly good analogy, and indeed the cheaper the car, the louder the commercial (complete with ‘no credit, no problem!’ spiels). When you see a BMW or Volvo commercial, it’s usually a soft voice or soft music in the background as the car is traversing the coastline or strolling through the city.

      To be fair, guys like Boom and Collins were essentially hired on as GM’s at a Hyundai or Mazda dealership, while Smart is running the local Mercedes/BMW joint. They have a tougher hill to climb, so they have to try and stand out in any way they can.


  18. stoopnagle



  19. The Dawg abides

    I guess he’s leaving off the hashbrowns and waffles now.


  20. Butler Reynolds

    I won’t denigrate Collins just because he’s at Tech. (OK, maybe little bit.) He’s got quite a steep hill to climb right now. Forget 5-star recruits, he has to start by making GT interesting to those who would consider going there as well as inspire those who are already on the team. He’s working within his circle of influence right now.

    While he might make a lot of noise about UGA, his focus is going to be the ACC Coastal Division, which is not an entirely insurmountable hill to climb. Regular success within the division will open up recruiting opportunities for him.

    But for now, he has to start somewhere. Why not Waffle House? It has the colors and certainly has greater brand recognition outside the perimeter than The Varsity and Delia’s Chicken Sausage Stand.


  21. DawgPhan

    am I supposed to not like the waffle house now or something? Overall the guy is making moves that seem pretty obvious and straight forward.


  22. Spike

    He sure points a lot with his index finger. In every picture that is posted of him he’s pointing at something or someone. Maybe that’s his thing.. I guess.


  23. Dawg19

    It’s a more modernized football version of this:


  24. CB

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    Girlfriend Not Found


  25. Malcolm x

    Let’s just get this straight. Waffle house is a lifesaver at 3 AM on a Saturday night. Forget the Tech angle. Focus on the hash browns. Or shut the fuck up and go to Krystal.