COFH, on the road

Sent my way via email by an alert reader, who simply commented,”this guy gets it”.


My kind of attitude.  Whoever you are, you’re a great American.


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15 responses to “COFH, on the road

  1. Mayor

    When he was alive Lewis Grizzard was exactly the same way about Tech. Hated the place.

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  2. Spike

    Leave no doubt, indeed, Dawg!


  3. J-Dawg

    I would love to see the aftermath of a real Yellow Jacket nest exploding in Tech’s locker room.


  4. I would buy this gentleman a beer if I ever had the chance.


  5. JoshG

    Tearful Salute


  6. RangerRuss

    This Dawg gets it. Piss on tech.


  7. DoubleDawg1318

    I’ve seen this truck on campus during game days. The owner gets it and screw all of y’all who think this game isn’t a rivalry. It’s the perfect rivalry because we own those —-ers almost every year. You wouldn’t declare the Florida rivalry irrelevant if we started winning 8 of 10 every decade would you?


  8. Bat City Dawg

    Pretty hard core in his danger ranger.. I guess at least it isn’t a Ford Splash


  9. Doug

    I’m sure Tech fans would be falling all over themselves to ridicule this guy, not realizing that their blogs and message boards have been this truck, over and over and over again, for the past quarter-century. With a whole lot less to back it up.


  10. Spike

    Now do the Gators..


  11. HiAltDawg

    The HERO Dawgnation deserves. BTW, it was purdy maximum Georgia when we snapped a picture posing with this truck in the Varsity parking lot, lol


  12. Milledge Hall

    The great Erk Russell said “Get After Their Ass.”
    My friend in the truck says “Get After Tech’s Ass.”
    Rock on, brother!!