Take it to the bank.

Non-snarky question:  does anyone buy this ($$)?

Four-star cornerback Henry Gray feels as if he’s next on the Cook plan. Maybe he’ll get a house like the one on his coach’s wall one day, too. But as he walked outside of Smith’s office and turned the corner for an interview this week, he gave an odd guarantee you wouldn’t otherwise hear from a four-star cornerback who is one of the top five players at his position and a national top-60 prospect overall.

“I’m going to college for all four years, no matter what happens,” Gray told The Athletic.

Is that a guarantee?

“That’s a guarantee,” he said.

What if you’re a first-round pick?

“No matter what,” he said. “Even if I’m a first-rounder, I am staying all four years.”


“My mom. She is really big on school and she is really emphasizing to me that anything can happen in football, so she really ingrained in me that I need to get my education,” he said. “But I am staying all four years.”

Skip the obvious “he’s a seventeen-year old kid” take here — anything can indeed happen, so if you’re a first-rounder after your junior year, why would you risk losing a big pay day by getting injured in your last season in college?  You can always come back later to get that degree.

The author presents this as making Gray more valuable to the colleges recruiting him.  I can’t imagine many coaches factoring that into the equation, but maybe that’s just me.


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5 responses to “Take it to the bank.

  1. artful codger

    Top 5 at his position and top 60 overall. They all already want him, right? Making known he will stay 4 years shouldn’t affect already coveted recruitment either pro or con.


    • Gaskilldawg

      When he finishes his sophomore year and a top 3 at his position and top 50 overall, and a top 2 at his position and top 40 overall pass him on the depth chart his coaches will preach the value of moving on.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    What if he graduates in three years? A lot of kids are doing that.

    Regardless, I doubt any coach recruiting him is going to count his fourth year as money in the bank until he actually has his press conference in 2023 announcing he’s coming back.


  3. NuclearGator

    This is not meant to be snarky…but if education is indeed a priority, I think he will find it very very hard to get a good education AND play football at the same time. Get a diploma? Sure… A real education? I think with all the pressure on these top athletes in their non-job (but really 40+ hour a week jobs) it will be tough.

    BTW, long time reader of the blog who happens to be a Gator fan. I appreciate the passion on this site against us, it is what makes college football fun. I come hear because I really enjoy the thoughtful commentary on the wider NCAA issues, like player compensation etc. Keep it up Senator!