The Auburn decision: Morehead’s call

If McGarity’s reaction was entirely predictable, Jere Morehead’s is head shaking.

Morehead, Georgia’s president since 2013, seemed taken aback that breaking that tradition might upset some of the Bulldogs’ fans.

Sadly, I don’t know whether he’s taken aback by the idea that we might be upset, or if he’s taken aback by the suggestion that our concerns are something worthy of his consideration in the first place.

Clueless or arrogant, take your pick.

If I’m willing to lean towards the first choice it’s because this may be the dumbest defense of the decision I read last night.

Morehead said Georgia’s most paramount concern was maintaining its annual off week to the weekend before the Florida game in Jacksonville.

“Next year we have (byes) at two critical junctures in the season, after Notre Dame and before the Georgia-Florida game,” Morehead said. “Those are things that are really important. But I defer to Coach Smart on those sorts of things.”

Georgia, you may have noticed, has enjoyed that bye week for several years now without having to consent to moving the Auburn game.  So unless Greg Sankey told McGarity to agree to move Auburn or risk losing the bye week — something I can’t imagine Sankey put on the table — I don’t have the first clue why Morehead even raised that as a consideration here.

But if Georgia’s position with the SEC simply boils down to “do what you want with us as long as we have our Cocktail Party bye week”, prepare to watch this administration bend over regularly in the future.

Ah, well.  At least Greg and Jere are happy with each other.


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17 responses to “The Auburn decision: Morehead’s call

  1. Jeff Sanchez

    Is Kirby gonna get a free pass for all this? It seems like that’s what’s happening…I can’t imagine they’d do this without his OK (in fact, I think it says so in ADGM’s quote from the story)


    • Derek

      My thoughts exactly. Either kirby’s the prez and the ad’s lil bitch OR he has some reason to be all for this change. Either way, this is on Kirby for either backing it in fact, or backing a false pr campaign where he’d be the one left holding the bag.

      If the reality is that kirby had no choice but to grin and bear it, then neither did the prez and the ad.

      Maybe Kirby wants a more marquee home game than UT earlier in the recruiting process? Who knows but my take is that this was a mutual Kirby/Auburn thing until some other info comes out.


  2. Athens Dog.

    Just another step towards watching on tv………….maybe.

    These guys are just so fucking tone deaf it’s unreal.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Which makes y’all angrier: moving the game from the traditional November slot, or not getting back the home game from 2012?
    I’ll hang up and listen.


    • Both … we gave up the traditional slot and got nothing in return.


    • Doug

      Definitely moving the game off the November date. In the grand scheme of things, the back-to-back roadies in ’12 and ’13 aren’t that big a deal, and it’s not like we’ve had tons of trouble beating Auburn lately regardless of location. But I always associate the Auburn game with a chill in the air, spiked cider/hot chocolate at the tailgate, and the marching bands’ joint salute to Veterans Day (I know we don’t do this every year anymore, but I still like it). And giving that up without getting anything in return is a bitter pill to swallow . . . though if we beat AU as consistently in September as we have been in November, I might not care quite as much. Who knows.


  4. 79Dawg

    What interest does the league have in moving the game, or attempting to strong-arm us into doing so by screwing with our bye week? The league gets killed for having crappy schedules in the 2 or 3 penultimate weeks of the season, so the answer is to move one of the marque matchups during those weeks, out???


  5. 79Dawg

    Just read the additional and more detailed comments from Jere and McGatory in Seth’s article – your snippets don’t do the word-salad coming out of their mouths justice, Senator….


  6. To respond to Morehead and McGarity, it would be a kick in the pants to them for every Hartman contributor to reduce their contribution by 10% across the board in 2020. If everyone did it, they couldn’t take your privilege away and couldn’t move your seats as a result (I guess unless you’re on the low end of the contributor rolls). It seems the only way the Georgia Way is going to listen to its wallets … sorry, I mean customers … is to hit them where it hurts – the reserve fund.


    • MDDawg

      Agreed, the only way for the fans’ frustrations to be heard is to withhold money. If fans refused to attend the game or watch it on TV from 2020 until this thing got fixed, then it would probably get fixed pretty damn quick. But they’re counting on us being die-hard, rabid fans and not being willing to do that. They’re probably also counting on the furor dying down somewhat by 2020.


      • ilini84

        It’ll die down by tomorrow. It don’t mean shit and all this boycott bullshit is just that.


      • I understand all of that and that season ticket holders (of which I am one) aren’t going to reduce their contributions because it’s required to get tickets. The attitude that the fan base’s perspective on this topic doesn’t matter just galls the $#!+ out of me.


        • JCDawg83

          The fans give them every reason to have that attitude. They can do anything they want and the checks keep rolling in. The season ticket holders know what they are buying and continue to buy it. Why would the AD, BM, Jere or anyone else in a position of power see any need to do anything differently?


  7. Bulldog Joe

    Jere is an academic. Football isn’t much more than a source of revenue.

    Presented as revenue-neutral or revenue-positive, the decision gets delegated to the athletic people.

    This isn’t Alabama.


  8. Tony Barnfart

    Guarantee you we spend way more years than we should somehow getting Tennessee right after the Florida game….when both are good.

    “Aww shucks. I resent that you think we had any hand in having them back-to-back. We did what we could.”


  9. 209

    “Given Smart’s stance, I have a hard time believing that’s where things have been left standing. So either the 2020 move, which, by the way, is one when Georgia has both schools at home, is a one-time deal, or if something longer term is involved…” Senator
    “Morehead said Georgia’s most paramount concern was maintaining its annual off week to the weekend before the Florida game in Jacksonville…
    But I defer to Coach Smart on those sorts of things…..” Morehead
    I think I will leave this up to Coach Smart. He has not let me down up till now, and I will defer to his horse trading. In other words, “I trust Kirby”.


  10. DawgPhan

    Can we go by the comments that fans are most upset with Smart > McGarity > Morehead ?

    I would have thought that McGarity would get a decent number of comments, but I guess everyone sort of agrees he sucks and this is just another example of that. No need for discussion?