Dawgs on top

If you liked what Brett McMurphy had to say about Zach Smith/Corch, you’re gonna love his CFP prediction.



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9 responses to “Dawgs on top

  1. Derek

    Dawgs vs Clemson in NOLA? If we win that one I may stay and party until Mardi Gras.

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  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    I dunno. It’ll be hard to beat the Lordly Dabo and the Lovely and Talented Trevor Lawrence.


  3. ChiliDawg

    I’m not sure Alabama gets into the playoff if they lose to us in Atlanta this time around if they have a regular season loss.


    • Sean

      If anyone is going to break into the CFP with two losses, it’ll be Alabama,


      • Just Chuck (The Other One)

        Lots of folks, but not me, aren’t going to be happy about two SEC teams getting in. Hard to see the SECCG loser making it with the current feelings about the conference that exist in other parts of the country.


        • I agree. You don’t make the playoff after losing a championship game. It’s a defacto playoff game. Bama would have to back door it in like they did in 2017 by not making the SEC championship and only having one loss. Which would be annoying as hell, again.


          • As it should be. Conference champs only until we get beyond four spots. Would mightily love for the SECCG this year to cost them a spot in this year’s Final 4, and us be the team to deliver that blow.


  4. Kevin

    UF will be 8 – 4 and will play in the Outback Bowl. I like Alabama or LSU to occupy the Sugar.