How do you know when the NCAA is lying?

When it’s on the subject of doing it for the kids, of course.

Intentionally misleading?  Why, I never.



The NCAA’S legal interest is in immunizing eligibility rules from antitrust challenge. The NCAA, like the defendant-appellant National Football League (the “NFL”), adopts rules and regulations governing athletic competition between its member institutions. The district court’s fundamental misapplication Of the antitrust laws to the NFL’s eligibility rule may, if followed, have sweeping adverse consequences for all league sports governing bodies, including the NCAA. If allowed to stand, the district court’s ruling could impede any such sports league governing body from adopting eligibility rules, which would undermine each association’s definition of its unique model of competitive athletics.

Tl;dr version:  letting the NFL sign football players regardless of age would screw with our business model.


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12 responses to “How do you know when the NCAA is lying?

  1. Tony Barnfart

    One position is from 2003, 2004…. the other from 2019. Lying or changed ?


  2. It’s really easy for these jerks to stand by and say they oppose age limits because they don’t have to do anything to change it. Go pound sand, Mark Emmert.


  3. Bright Idea

    To me the big question is if our schools have to play the games with just the 3 star recruits while the 4 and 5 stars go pro will we still pull for them. I think we will but invariably the Dukes would find a way to game that system too and there would still be just a few blue blood programs. Just like baseball, basketball kids should be able to go pro after high school. NBA players are just protecting a few roster spots for veterans which helps the Nikes and Dukes of the world as well.


    • Will the quality of play slip a bit if the 5-stars who are ready go directly to the pros? Maybe. Will Duke, UNC, Kentucky, Michigan State and Kansas to name a few get the better players who decide to attend college? Probably.

      College basketball didn’t end because LeBron, Kobe and Kevin Garnett went straight to the NBA. It won’t end if they change the rule again. It would be the most Georgia thing ever for it to change and the Ant Man to declare for the draft rather than come to Athens.

      To the alum or fan, the name on the front of the jersey matters.


      • FlyingPeakDawg

        As far as basketball is concerned, it could get better. The game that is played today is NOTHING like what anyone over 50 grew up with. The rules are enforced very differently. Hell, if I could palm,travel and bump to the extent permitted today, I coulda been a contendah Iz tellz ya. Coach K explained the change years ago. The best talent was coming out of inner city street ball where the rules were different. The college game had to change to get this kids to play. Perhaps a noble change with some unintended consequences for sure.

        I’d welcome teams of 3 stars and rolling back the rules to gain more pairity at the college level. Coach K and Smith can still outsmart everybody, but it’s probably the only path for UGA to ever get back to some kind of relevance. It could also take some of the air out of the money grab game as Nike, et al will likely be less inclined to put as much marketing dollars into the system (legally and otherwise).

        Old man rant ended.


    • Reverend Whitewall

      I get that you may be referring to more of the elite programs, but as far as here at home, if you watch UGA basketball now, you’ll still watch it then. Not like any of our guys would be in the NBA already under different rules.


    • As long as the game is competitive, and played by competent athletes, the answer is yes. As the Senator noted, there aren’t that many spots to take away all the fine players that would be in that pool of talent. Take away 10-30 of the top guys each recruiting class (and that might be too high), and you will not see any appreciable difference in play on the field. Scattered over the Top 20, that is about one recruit per team, that many 4&5 stars flame out of every class before all is said and done. The bigger hit would be a decent developmental league, but even that would not drastically impact what we see each week. It could even make the game better in ways.


    • Gaskilldawg

      SEC fans passionately supported their teams back when the SEC did not make less talented white kids play against more talented Black kids.


  4. steve

    If you were the NCAA what would you rather see talked about? Class action suits reflecting real and imagined injuries from football with predictions of a slow death of the sport as we know it or the issue at hand?


  5. Yet when this case was filed no one really thought the student athletes were getting a raw deal and they are getting an even better deal today than then.