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TFW you run out of Georgia and Tennessee snark

For some reason, Visor Man decided to take a shot at his last place of college employment, where I thought he received better treatment than he dished out.

“I tell you the football gods have been smiling on me the last two (AAF) weeks,” Spurrier said about the Apollos being fortunate to be 3-0. “I think all the crap I had at South Carolina those last two years, they’re coming back. They’re smiling on me a little bit.”

So the football gods were handling recruiting?  That explains a lot.



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Nice stadium you built there. Shame if nothing happened to it.

Amidst another sad tale of a public stadium failing to fill all the grandiose promises of economic fulfillment comes perhaps the greatest epitaph you’ll ever see.

“People drive into the stadium, they tailgate and they drive out. The fastest way they can get in and the fastest way they can get out. Even our package stores haven’t seen an influx of economic benefit.”  [Emphasis added.]

When you can’t even do it for the liquor stores, you know you’ve got a real lemon on your hands.


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Today, in it’s what’s on the front of the jersey that matters

Zion Williamson’s injury is like watching a controlled experiment on the virtues of amateurism.


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Confirming the obvious

It’s always interesting to hear from guys after they’ve left the team about recent events.  Here’s what D’Andre Walker had to say about Georgia’s effort (using the term loosely) in the Sugar Bowl.

“I knew that question was coming. But I don’t think they were giving maximum effort in that game. I feel like they felt like they didn’t have anything to play for. We thought we were going to be in the playoffs, but we didn’t. I feel like they didn’t take the game very seriously. And then … me not being out there, that was another big thing. Deandre Baker wasn’t out there as well. Everybody’s mindset had pretty much altered, and it was getting ready for the next year.”

Man, I hope that’s not what getting ready for the next year really looks like.


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When you’ve lost Vince Dooley…

Well, shee-it, Dawgnation.

“It benefits Auburn,” Dooley said. “You could imagine some of the Georgia people are not happy with it, because you get into a routine of when the game is scheduled. … No question, it’s very good for Auburn, and Georgia has evidently gone along with it.”

Now there’s some high praise indeed for our beloved athletic director.


UPDATE:  David Ching has some additional thoughts.


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