Nice stadium you built there. Shame if nothing happened to it.

Amidst another sad tale of a public stadium failing to fill all the grandiose promises of economic fulfillment comes perhaps the greatest epitaph you’ll ever see.

“People drive into the stadium, they tailgate and they drive out. The fastest way they can get in and the fastest way they can get out. Even our package stores haven’t seen an influx of economic benefit.”  [Emphasis added.]

When you can’t even do it for the liquor stores, you know you’ve got a real lemon on your hands.


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  1. Bulldog Joe

    Well, that is a nice Cabela’s they have in east Hartford.

    But not many alternatives up there as the Huskies are not exactly the Patriots and Storrs can make Starkville look like Las Vegas.

    Perhaps ESPN can invite UConn play their home games in the studio?



    It’s UConn… WTF did they expect?

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    • DoubleDawg1318

      Man, don’t get me on my soapbox about public financing of stadiums. If stadiums were great investments they wouldn’t even bother with public investment. If you surround the stadium with a Wrigleyville it MIGHT work, but most places surround it with an ocean of parking. I also don’t get this idea that we need a stadium to increase civic pride. If a town wants to improve its economic fortunes, start growing its own businesses. My Braves fandom still hasnt recovered since they blew up the team and moved to Cobb.

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      • at least Suntrust cost a billion less than the Benz…….how many years do you have to amortize that expense(1.4 billion) over in order to call that a reasonable investment .While I agree that public financing of pro sports ,or any sports for that matter,is questionable at best and probably just wrong….. at least I go to games in Cobb and I hadn’t been to Turner in years. Atlanta -Fulton Co just over played their hand with the Braves.


  3. Hot Dawg

    Guess they haven’t tried that famous promotion:

    4 Tickets – 4 Hot Dogs & 4 Cokes

    Better gear up for more Monster Truck Rallies!


  4. Alan


    I grew up one town over from East Hartford. College football just isn’t a thing. You could have put Boston College in that stadium, and the results wouldn’t have been that much better.

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    • mp

      That’s funny. I did too – grew up in Glastonbury. I remember when the UConn/Yale game used to be a big thing when they were both I-AA. Should have stayed that way.


      • Chi-town Dawg

        I was sentenced to 4 years of hard time working in Hartford right after college. Lived in Manchester, CT and couldn’t agree more that UConn football and East Hartford were dead in the 1980s and 90s. We used to refer to the NHL team as the Hartford Failures before they left the state.


      • Alan

        Small world, so did I – GHS class of 85. Lost track of all the happenings back there after my parents moved in 97, so I didn’t know about Rentschler Field until that article. I guess dropping back down to FCS would be tacit admission of failure.


  5. Butler Reynolds

    What is it with politicians and their love affair with stadiums and trains?


  6. NCDawg

    Mildly surprised that watching the product UConn has put on the field has not increased liquor sales.


  7. UGA '97

    So move the liquor INSIDE the stadium like everyone else is starting to do. If you pour it, they will come. Problem solved.


  8. Mayor

    On that subject how’s Turner Field doing these days?