Show some appreciation, people.

What do you figure the odds are that Greg McGarity reads Bill King’s latest column?

Determining which teams have the best fan bases might seem the subject of a bar room debate, but marketing professor Mike Lewis of Emory’s Goizueta Business School has been tracking fan bases, both pro and college, for years, and publishes annual rankings based on scientific metrics.

Actually, Georgia’s 2018 ranking of 6th is down a bit from 5 years ago, when the Bulldogs ranked first in the SEC and second nationally, behind only Texas. That drop seemed a little surprising to me, considering Kirby Smart’s program has been considerably improved in on-field results over the past couple of seasons, and Georgia’s fan base has drawn national raves for the way it showed up en masse on the road at places like Notre Dame and the Rose Bowl.

But, Lewis told me, it’s “not really slippage — [the UGA] fan base is still amazingly supportive. It’s because the revenue has not moved up at the same rate as the performance.”

Lewis said that is “probably due to the athletic department not rapidly increasing prices. I’m in Atlanta, so I understand the serious passion of that fan base — I suspect UGA could increase revenues pretty easily.”

So, yes, I guess fans should be grateful the UGA Athletic Association is not charging as much for tickets as Lewis thinks it could.

The next McGarity’s Minutes almost writes itself, doesn’t it?  (Although it’ll probably ignore the second half of King’s piece, which concludes with “… it still wouldn’t be a bad idea for the folks who run UGA athletics to provide a bit more TLC for that fan base — and pay more attention to its concerns — so Bulldog Nation remains as fiercely loyal as it’s been up to now.)


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8 responses to “Show some appreciation, people.

  1. Doug

    What Lewis just did is like a higher-stakes version of making a loud noise while the baby’s asleep. It’s probably only a matter of time before I’m priced out of UGA tickets altogether.


  2. 202dawg

    Missing a title on this post, aren’t we?


  3. Timphd

    BM just sees the fan base as a source of revenue to be exploited.


  4. Bright Idea

    I do believe that B-M lost interest in the little man, “the football crowd,” during the Adams tenure and with greater success on the field don’t feel the need to cowtow to anyone below the Magill Society line of giving. In reality those folks may be keeping the poor folks in the stadium.


  5. Bulldog Joe

    “Be sure to blow them a kiss after you pick their pocket.”


  6. Hmmm… This might have something to do with it too…
    No doubt that in 2017 numbers were up 20% or so, but there isn’t one game that is a sell out.
    Source – The Atlantic 11/14/2018

    2017 Tickets Scanned
    AppState – 79,539
    Samford – 75,019
    MSU – 83,753
    Missouri – 81,886
    South Carolina – 84,833
    Kentucky – 81,087

    2016 Tickets Scanned
    Nichols – 67,545
    UT 80,366
    Vandy 72,157
    Auburn 80,274
    Louisiana 56,065
    Tech 72, 762

    2015 Tickets Scanned

    Louisiana-Monroe 71,828
    South Carolina 79,445
    Southern 61,216
    Bama 79,734 (to be fair – it was pouring)
    Missouz 71,475
    Kentucky 53,541
    Georgia Southern 70,069


    • Gaskilldawg

      Randy, does those numbers exclude students? From where I sit it did not appear that at least 10% of the seats were empty for almost every game.