C’mon, wallets. Hunker down one more time!

On the road again

Georgia brass will be on the road this spring to make a big push to get donors to commit to ponying up money needed for the next big football facility project.

Football coach Kirby Smart, athletic director Greg McGarity and even men’s basketball coach Tom Crean are set for “major fundraising dates,” according to school president Jere Morhead.

Georgia is planning a football-only building as part of a Butts-Mehre expansion and renovation and will make its pitch to pay for it.

Lather, rinse, repeat.  And don’t forget to bring your checkbook.


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15 responses to “C’mon, wallets. Hunker down one more time!

  1. DawgPhan

    Starting putting my charity dollars somewhere else a couple of years ago.

    University doesnt need my money.

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  2. Texas Dawg

    I have a feeling that any event that McG shows up at will involve more time defending the Auburn debacle than fund raising


  3. Tony Barnfart

    There’s almost a tone of annoyed expectancy in the quotes within the article.


  4. WNCDawg

    Thinks the most important updatesright in line with (#3 redo of bathrooms and (#2 concessions, a brand new (#1 AD…
    2020 schedule is the coralation of the Japanese defending the home land in 1945….. Dawgs will fight but in the long term at Bama, bye, at USCe, the Barn will take its toll…….. gonna have to be lucky to not have any injuries through that. Depth will be of concern; Not sure why Coach Crean is gonna add ( perhaps he writes Coach Kirbs notes on the tour explaining why he shouldn’t have kept some players on the current roster ) anything to this March of McGoofy’s to the sea. I just hope we don’t surrender up Athens to Atlanta for Christmas as Sherman did Lincoln of Savannah…… most of us past season ticket holders will be like the collard greens and black eyed peas…… we don’t fit into McGoofy’s scheme


  5. Muttley

    Look at that sugar.

    Falling from the sky.


  6. Bat City Dawg

    But but these new facilities will help recruiting! If lack of a private recording studio is what dissuades recruits. I couldn’t give a turkey.

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  7. 79Dawg

    My wallet will be hunkering down – thanks for the heads up!


  8. DREW

    So…what is the 43 million being used for…from the sec network. Money is being pumped into these schools at a rate never seen before. But donors need to keep giving more and more. Sick of it…

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  9. Have not the faintest idea of what the water boys schedule or planning consists of, but when these short media messages are relayed to the general public it surely smells of PR not worthy on a shit sandwich…upgrading facilities is one thing, mismanaging the strategy of the message is insulting to our senses. I get CKS striking for upgrades while the leverage is there, the lack of planning for serious improvement (more than a paint job) to spring sports facilities is reckless disregard for those sports receiving ncaa consideration at regional events. Let our student athletes sleep at home and practice at that sports venue ” home court advantage”, when tounament time rolls around. Should we have to travel to other cities for tourny events, good….to be out of consideration do to facilities not meeting the grade, shame on BM. As time goes on, a Bowel Movement is about right for that group!


  10. Bright Idea

    I assume we hundredaires and thousandaires won’t be invited.


  11. GruvenDawg

    We are in the middle of UGA’s version of the Bama “Crimson Standard” $600 million 10 year plan (https://vimeo.com/285376565). Except we don’t have a plan or a nice video showing what we are doing. Based on the crazy money in D1 football every team in the SEC will repeat these upgrades roughly every 10 years until someone changes the game on amateurism for football.

    If I had to guess these are the projects on tap. .

    Build dedicated Football operations center, weight room, sports science center, nutrition center, etc. in addition to revamping Butts-Mehre current configuration (Estimated $60-$100 Million?)

    Move/Build Specs town track to South Milledge Complex. Need additional practice field, or Dedicated Campus Parking deck for Football.(Estimated $15-$40 Million?)

    Move/Build Foley Field to South Milledge Complex. Gotta keep up with the league and entice our local prospects to stay home. (Estimated $25-$60 Million?)

    New support building for South Milledge Complex (indoor track and field practice, batting cages, weight room, etc. With all the sports down there now it’s hard to use the house of Payne (Estimated $20-$40 Million?)

    Expand Dan McGill Tennis center in space vacated by Foley Field build in addition to minimum of 6 indoor Tennis courts. We can’t lose the bid for the NCAA’s again! (Estimated $25-$40 million?)

    Update Stanford Stadium Premium seating areas and club level upgrades, rebuild 200 level as premium section, Field level access and premium seating area in East end zone, Address gameday experience with additional restrooms and improved concession options, reduce total number of seats while increasing space per person while adding seatbacks. (Estimated $75-$125 million)

    $195-$405 million

    Start cycle again…
    Update UGA Coliseum Training Facility (Basketball/Gymnastics)
    Update Gabrielson Natatorium
    Update Boyd Golf Center
    Update UGA Equestrian center
    Update Stegman Coliseum to add premium seating areas
    Update New Foley field to add premium seating areas
    Update Sanford Stadium West end zone locker room
    Update UGA Football complex…