If we could only see what Mike Griffith sees…

Now this is some Grade A horseshit from Mike Griffith:

If you listen closely to Georgia football coach Kirby Smart — very closely — hints and information on ongoing or upcoming themes are most always there.

Like any successful businessman or leader, Smart has the ability to recognize and stay ahead of trends.

That could explain why the Bulldogs are on board with a recent SEC schedule adjustment.

What kind of trend are we talking about here, Mike?

Smart said earlier this month that Georgia and other elite programs figure to be younger teams moving forward because of more liberal transfer rules and players enrolling and leaving school earlier.

It’s a fact that younger, more inexperienced players need repetitions and experience to grow, so playing key football games in November plays to the Bulldogs’ advantage.

Georgia was at its best in 2018 in November, with several young players evolving into key roles and the team getting into sync.

Indeed, because of the way Smart has recruited, Georgia has more competitive depth than most any team in the nation, giving UGA another advantage in November games.

Georgia’s first goal every season is to win the SEC East Division. So, playing fellow East Division member Tennessee in November — rather than October  — plays to the Bulldogs’ advantage.

That sounds brilliant, until you reflect on the rest of the schedule.

The Bulldogs’ 2020 schedule features a game at Alabama, and some were concerned that Georgia could wind up playing the Tide and Tigers on back-to-back weeks with the flip.

But a quick look at contracted non-conference games for Alabama and Georgia reveals the date is all but locked in for Sept. 19.

I guess those reps for young players are going to be wasted playing Alabama anyway, so might as well get Saban out of the way as soon as possible.

Oh, and it’s true that Georgia won’t play Auburn and Alabama back-to-back.  The Dawgs will have an entire week in between for them.  That changes everything.

And no AJ-C slobberfest would be complete without a little McGarity suck up.

Bulldogs athletic director Greg McGarity, who works in concert with Smart on scheduling, said Monday he understands the passion of his fan base.

“My message is to wait until the schedule is released in its entirety,” McGarity said. “And then, I believe, people will see the whole picture and be able judge for themselves.”

Patience, grasshoppers.  In time, Greg’s true genius will be made apparent to all.

And they say hard hitting journalism is dead.


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47 responses to “If we could only see what Mike Griffith sees…

  1. Mayor

    AD malpractice. Fire McIdiot now.


    • Mayor

      Let me elaborate, expand my remarks above and explain why I am so upset about this and particularly with McGarity and his role in this. Georgia will have to play Auburn and Bama in consecutive games earlier in the season. Lose both and basically Georgia’s season is over. Did you watch the Sugar Bowl? After the second loss (I’m hoping that doesn’t happen) I’m concerned the team will mail it in for the rest of the season. Plus, we have HELPED a hated rival, Auburn, out of a tough spot. WTF? Why did we agree to that? UGA keeps giving in under McStupid. He’s not only a dumbass but he’s weak. Can you imagine the SEC pulling the last 2 things on Georgia (giving Auburn back to back home dates against Georgia plus this latest fiasco) against Jeremy Foley or Bill Battle? McGarity is an empty suit who is a liability to the program. He needs to go ASAP before he does more damage.


      • Agreed, and it pissed me off to hear on the radio this idiot that defended the whole thing. Said that the SEC had NO OTHER CHOICE but to screw UGA (scheduling is hard waaaah) with back to back games at Auburn and that returning the favor wouldn’t be fair to Auburn because it was a SEC decision not a AU one. WTF???
        Now we roll over for AU.

        And then he went on to pontificate that Zion wants to play for Duke so he can have a great college experience and that he as a 10 million dollar insurance plan that would make up for the 90 million he would lose if he was hurt. Said it was ‘absurd’ that people are talking about Zion quitting. Hell, he’s probably the same guy that wrote that amateurism defense the Senator just posted and tore to pieces.


      • Greg

        “mail it in”??….well if we/they do, we definitely have the wrong coach and players.


  2. Ridiculous … we get no home schedule relief and the Alabama schools over a 3 week period. We’re so dumb.

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  3. Brandon

    Well, whether we like it or not, the Tennessee game does mean more than the Auburn game because of its divisional implications. That much is true. Although I wouldn’t want any of my urnge clad brethren to hear me say it perhaps Kirby does view Pruitt as more of a long term threat than many other coaches. Playing the Viles in November should give us a hefty advantage for at least 2 more seasons because of depth. Maybe he hopes to smother the Pruitt regime in its infancy. Lulu and Junior are not renown for their patience. Give them a few more solid beatings and the circular firing squad will resume in Knoxville.


    • Dawg1

      It really helps UT take away a tough game 2 weeks after UF and usually before an SEC West game and the annual Alabama game by putting it in the middle of the notoriously slack UT November schedule.

      Win/Win….for AU and UT, but not for UGA.


      • Brandon

        I see why it was appealing to UT fans, just this past year they played UF, UGA, AUB, and BAMA all in a row, however for the present, and the foreseeable future we are and will be the much deeper team between us and Big Urnge, so I agree that playing them in November, at least until they get comparable depth, is advantage Georgia. Tennessee has beaten Georgia 6 times since 2000 (04′; 06′; 07′; 09; 15′ and 16′). We beat an Auburn team that was generally better than Tennessee 5 out of those 6 years.


        • Brandon

          And as an addendum, if we had traded a loss to Tennessee for a loss to Auburn in 2007 we would have played LSU for the SEC/National Title that year instead of finishing in the maid of honor spot No. 2 in the AP poll.


        • Brandon

          And as an addendum, if we traded a loss to Tennessee for a loss to Auburn in 2007, we’d have played LSU for the SEC/National title instead of finishing in the maid of honor No. 2 spot of the AP & Coaches’ polls.


  4. Faltering Memory

    Maybe CKS knows Saban will retire before 2020.


  5. grevendawg

    Wow….so we’re pretty much going to end up with Auburn’s end of year schedule that they whined about in late September early October with Alabama, cream puff, Auburn. Auburn has a new AD, and the SEC owes us one and this is how we get repaid? McGarity has no backbone and gets walked over by the SEC and other AD’s repeatedly. I hope the search for his replacement is already under way.

    We need to make the SEC championship game this year and win. 2020’s schedule we are going to get screwed by the SEC offices again. Anything to protect Bama that Birmingham can do will be done. I always thought LSU were crazy conspiracy theorist but the more I watch the more I see their point.


  6. Uglydawg

    Guys, guys, guys….relax…take a deep breath…

    I too, was pissed off and disturbed until I got to this part….
    ““My message is to wait until the schedule is released in its entirety,” McGarity said. “And then, I believe, people will see the whole picture and be able judge for themselves.”
    I feel so much better. Mr. McG is on the mother!
    (But he did forget to preface that remark with, “Read my lips”)


    • Gaskilldawg

      Yeah, I wondered what scheduling surprise he was referring to. The only surprise would be the yet to be determined cupcake. We already scheduled two ACC teams, so that lost spot is a cupcake. We know which 8 SEC teams we play. We know we play 1 in Jacksonville, and on what Saturday. We know we play Auburn at home, and owe Kentucky, Missouri, and South Carolina away games.

      The only good surprise would be whether we play both West teams at home. In order for that to happen some West teams would have to play another west team on the road in both 2019 and 2020 and that isn’t happening.



    McGoofys genius on display, o wait he has none! Why they gave him 1 more year is beyond me.


  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    Yeah, wait until the whole schedule is released. THEN, get pissed off.


  9. Athens Dog

    JD skewered him on 960 yesterday morning. None of the AJC or talk radio folks in Atlanta have any sense of history. Or incompetence. Just seems to be continued push to be the NFL………………


  10. Russ2

    Any time your helping 2 rivals( TENRC, Auburn) it can’t be good for UGA. Either way UGA is going be kicking some serious ass in the next 4-5 years!


  11. Russ2

    Mike Griffith is all about helping UT . Why was he was hired to write about UGA ?


  12. heyberto

    Dawgnation went from Seth Emerson to this guy. The difference is staggering.

    I’m really thinking McGarity took matters into his own hands on this. It just doesn’t make sense that Kirby was on board with this.

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  13. W Cobb Dawg

    “If you listen closely to Georgia football coach Kirby Smart — very closely — hints and information on ongoing or upcoming themes are most always there.”

    Griffith is definitely on to something but he missed the key clue. I suggest playing Kirby’s pressers backwards. Turn me on, dead man…


  14. Mick Jagger

    The only problem I have with any of this is Auburn not playing back to back in Athens. I mean, duh……


  15. Salty Dawg

    McStingy is weak and bends over for Birmingham because Allbarn is a baby. Somebody has the goods on somebody and I’d like to know what it is, unless big stacks of cash were passed under the table to UGA. None of what we know makes sense for UGA, no matter how they try to spin it.


  16. Sanford222view

    I can’t believe how short sighted y’all are being about this. Don’t you get it? By moving Auburn to earlier in the season and with Bama coming in the West rotation it creates the opportunity for more night games early in the season when day light is longer. This is ALL about maximizing the opportunities to use the new LED lighting in Sanford Stadium! WAKE UP!!! McGoofy is playing mental jujitsu with you suckas!!!


  17. dawg88

    I’m not here to defend McGarity but are we dismissing out of hand the possibility that Sankey and the SEC applied pressure in this? If the SEC made it clear that UGA’s pre-Florida open date was in jeopardy if it didn’t cooperate, then agreeing to the switch was the right call. It’s annoying that Auburn gets what it wants simply by demanding it but ultimately I blame the SEC for it.

    For instance, is it merely a coincidence that SIX SEC teams have open dates BEFORE they play the Dawgs in 2019? One of them is Vandy in the season opener. Another two are Tennessee and Florida (thus cancelling out the open date UGA has before those games). So, yes, UGA is also off those weeks and it’s a wash. But on top of that, South Carolina, Missouri and…wait for it…AUBURN also have open dates before they take on the Dawgs. Who’s responsible for this? The SEC. They’re not in the business of doing Georgia any favors and they certainly are NOT above using coercion to get what they want. Maybe the SEC senses McGarity’s weakness and preys on it. That still makes them a bully and they deserve some of the anger.


    • If the SEC made it clear that UGA’s pre-Florida open date was in jeopardy if it didn’t cooperate, then agreeing to the switch was the right call.

      If that were really the case, the boss move would have been to go public with that. According to Legge, Georgia already paid for that by agreeing to play two straight road games at Auburn.


      • FlyingPeakDawg

        If that’s our weak spot in negotiations, then the SEC is going to exploit it over and over again. Plus, I still see Saban’s dark hand in this behind the scenes…we’re his biggest threat in the conference for his few remaining years.


      • dawg88

        I don’t disagree. And I’m sure Legge is right. However, the problem with extortionists is that they never settle for one-time payments. What stuck with me at the time of the announcement last week was a Marc Weiszer article in which he reported that both McGarity and Morehead referenced the Florida game, which seemed odd given that this switch didn’t involve the Gators. Morehead even said “We’re concerned about having our off weeks, making sure we preserve the off week before Florida.”


  18. SouthernYank

    Of the three teams, I think this helps AUB and UT far more than UGA.

    For UGA, I just don’t see how long term this helps. It may even hurt a bit because you replace a non-division opponent late in the year with a division opponent late in the season. It’s a wash at best.

    AUB gets big relief of not having to play UGA and Bama at the same time.

    Sure UT’s November has not been as easy as it has been, because UT has stunk, but if you think that UK, Vandy and Mizzou will remain superior to UT for much longer, I think you’re wrong. UT’s schedule has always been heavy early and mid season, and feather light late. Moving a killer game to later in the season helps them.

    Simply, I think UGA did nothing to help themselves here, but helped both the other teams. I just don’t get it.


    • grevendawg

      McGarity was our maneuvered by AU and UT. Like you said they both got better schedules at the expense of UGA. The only benefit for us is we should still have a much deeper team then UT by then and be in better shape at that point in the season.

      I know Dooley worked hard to split the AU and UF games from being back to back. It also played well for us because we typically played UT after UF had already pantsed them in conference. So all those years of favorable scheduling just went down the tubes because of a spineless AD..I can almost guarantee UT is going to take a bye week before us in 2020, the writing is on the wall.


  19. PTC DAWG

    IF we played Alabama yearly in this slot, I could see a much bigger issue. Honestly, I don’t see the need for the panic going on here. I think Kirby actually likes UT later….otherwise, I don’t think this change would have happened.


  20. Brad

    The end game is making Ga-Fla home and home.


  21. Go Dawgs!

    I’m starting to think* that Griffith doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    I’ve thought this for quite some time now.


  22. stoopnagle

    The ’20 schedule is going to be tight, but we’re acting like we don’t own Auburn and Tennessee. We can play either one anytime and we’re still going to win most of those games. They can stomp their feet and ask for all these advantages and the result isn’t going to change. We have better players and better coaches and have for a long time.

    Playing Bama early in ’20 is a plus, not a minus. If we follow form and tank in our away game to our west opponent, we’ll get the re-match again.