“Penn State truthers”

Jesus, I wish these people would find another hobby.

“One of the problems we have confronted that people don’t want to deal with is this: Suppose I’m telling you the truth,” said Lindsay, who took over the case five years ago. “Suppose that Jerry Sandusky is absolutely innocent. Do you realize the horror of what this has brought on a family, a man an institution – and it’s all a big lie? Suppose that I’m right.”

I’d rather not, thanks.


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21 responses to ““Penn State truthers”

  1. Derek

    They should have covered the place with dirt like a nuclear reactor that has melted down.

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  2. Bulldog Joe

    Who benefits most when Penn State is dragged through the mud again?

    That’s right. Ohio State football.


  3. ChiliDawg

    This gaslighting thing sure is gaining traction. Wonder why.

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  4. Gaskilldawg

    Those jurors who found no reasonable doubt as to Sandusky’s guilt so no reason to suppose he is right.

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  5. Penn State should have gotten the death penalty over Sandusky. Instead they got a slap on the wrist. So I guess the lesson is that it is ok to allow a coach and his football program to become so important, that it operates unchecked by anyone or anything at that university. I mean, we can all point west to another school that is in the same situation. They could be burying football analysts behind some administrative building in Tuscaloosa and nobody….nobody…..would say a word.

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  6. MDDawg

    Before today I was blissfully unaware that Penn Stat Truthers were even a thing.


    • Russ

      Basically, anything you know to be true (Earth is round, moon landing happened 50 years ago, Sandusky raped children) will have idiots somewhere claim to know “the truth”. Remember, we’re all just “sheeple”.


  7. Bright Idea

    I can’t imagine that any Pennsylvania judges want to see Sandusky played out in open court again. The lawyers are hoping the witnesses don’t either.


  8. Granthams replacement

    It’s now acceptable for any media outlet to float out any theory with zero colabrated facts. George Orwell would be proud.


  9. Go Dawgs!

    If he gets a new trial, he should also face the peril of a harsher sentence when he is ultimately re-convicted.


  10. Doug

    Is Lindsay actually getting paid attorney’s fees for this? If he is, he’s a scam artist. If not, he’s lost his mind.


  11. Dawg Vegas

    Oh for fucks sake. Why do these assholes keep making the victims go through this?


  12. SCDawg

    Trump and Mueler will expose this for what it is.

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  13. Will

    It’s not just, “suppose that I’m right”, it’s “in the light of all this contrary evidence, suppose that I’m right.”

    Yeah, no. And the Earth isn’t flat, either.


  14. Sanduskys got another few years behind bars then that degenerate will be drinking warm beer in Hell.
    These fucksticks still chirping are just trying to revise history and somehow clean that shit stain up.
    I’m still pissed they were able to get beyond this as quick as they did as if nothing really happened.