Spring is about to spring.

Spring practice in Athens gets underway on March 20.  Not that we’re gonna hear much about it…

The practices are closed to the general public and media, with the exception of very limited viewing windows for credentialed reporters unless otherwise noted.

Ah, well.  Here’s to rank speculation and G-Day QBR.  Dawgnation’s gotta Dawgnation.


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  1. Practices are open … to the Magill Society.


  2. I get why they can’t open to the general public … the practice fields and the CJPMIPF aren’t and probably shouldn’t be designed to handle a crowd. The covering over the fences and that kind of thing during spring practice is ridiculous. It would be nice if they had a students-only open practice or 2 where students could be on the track or in Sanford.

    I guess they keep it secret to get people to G-Day, so Kirby can have his recruiting props ready to go.


  3. Austin

    I will be attending the practices on the 28th and 30th. I will try and take some notes and detail as much as I can. I will be on hand as part of the coaching clinic. I will do my best to squeeze as much info out of the two practices as I can for you Senator.


  4. A wild guess here. Fromm will get most of the first team snaps, even though everybody has an equal chance to compete for all positions.

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    • AugDawg



    • I certainly hope he gets most of them, he is unquestionably THE man. Why would anyone pretend otherwise? Some reps with the starting receivers from Stetson might be a good idea, but he probably won’t be named the backup until late August. Much safer for Jake to be practicing in Athens than spending time fishing or hunting.


      • ugafidelis

        I don’t know. I heard there’s a kid on campus that is going to walk on this Spring that is supposed to be better than both Fromm and Bennett hands down.


  5. J-Dawg

    I honestly wish things weren’t so secretive and treated like National Security issues. A little more info on players health; i.e. when will we hear anything on Zeus’ health status. Will he or won’t he be available to practice? Surely at this point they know and I don’t see how putting that out can hurt the program.


  6. SSB Charley

    Contrast that with Missouri, who is opening their practices to just about everyone this spring. It’s college football, not a matter of national security.


  7. Bulldog Joe

    Can’t let the Red Team see what the Black Team is doing.


  8. Uglydawg

    Anybody else want to predict that there will be at least one story of a drone over a football camp somewhere in America before Christmas? Probably has already happened. Can you imagine how that would freak Saban out? He would order the campus police to shoot at it…and they’d do it. LOL!


  9. Jared S.

    What is the spring going to be without a manufactured QB controversy. Wake me up in August.


  10. HiAltDawg

    I would like to thank the Bulldawg Patriot that filed the FOIA request so we could find out when practice starts.