Today, in state secrets

The Georgia Way is so Georgia Way, it takes an open records request to find out that the school successfully managed a buyout.


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5 responses to “Today, in state secrets

  1. Granthams replacement

    Greg doesn’t want anyone to know he got an extra half a million when he’s asking for donations to build the new weight room.

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  2. Bulldog Joe

    Chump change.

    Keep Butch Jones on staff this season, and Alabama drains another $2M from Tennessee.



    I’m pretty sure this was reported when Chaney left…nothing to see here.


  4. Open Records Act requests for information must receive a response from state agencies within 3 days unless it involves UGA coaches’ salaries and then you have to wait 90 days:

    OCGA 50-18-71 (d.1) Any other provision of this Code section to the contrary notwithstanding, the period within which any production, access, response, or notice is required from an agency with respect to a request for records, other than salary information for nonclerical staff, of intercollegiate sports programs of any unit of the University System of Georgia, including athletic departments and related private athletic associations, shall be 90 business days from the date the agency received the request.