Thought this was an interesting chart Ian Boyd compiled:

Note that his starting off point of comparison is an offensive line that was coached by none other than Sam Pittman, which begs an obvious question, especially in light of Boyd’s “Bedenbaugh’s hunt to play the biggest OL in college football history” observation.  That question being, where does Georgia’s 2019 OL fit into the discussion?

Well, if I use Seth Emerson’s ($$) projected offensive depth chart as my point of comparison, here’s what Pittman would trot out on opening day at Vanderbilt:

  • Left tackle:  Andrew Thomas, 6-5, 320
  • Left guard:  Solomon Kindley, 6-4, 335
  • Center:  Trey Hill, 6-4, 330
  • Right guard:  Ben Cleveland, 6-6, 335
  • Right tackle:  Isaiah Wilson, 6-7, 340

Average size of those five:  6-5.2.  Average weight:  332.  The difference in total height between Georgia’s and Oklahoma’s projected lines is one inch, in Georgia’s favor.  The difference in total weight is 14 pounds, in Oklahoma’s.  Pretty damned even.



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  1. stoopnagle

    Arkansas… 2015… ah, yes, here it is: 8-5, 5-3 in the SEC. Lost to Toledo, Texas Tech, Texas A&M, Alabama (duh), and Mississippi State. Sometimes you need the skill players too.


    • Greg

      True…also think that our guys are not just big, but they all are big athletes, unlike Arkansas. I could see most all, if not all of our OL making it to the pros.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Yeah, I remember the season a few years before that when Georgia boasted not only the biggest offensive line in college football but in all of football, collegiate or NFL. The season… did not go as well as you’d think with that kind of distinction. Size isn’t everything.

      I’m a little surprised that a team like Oklahoma is putting that much emphasis on giants, I’d think they’d want big strong guys who can also move. But hell, maybe these days those guys on the line can.


  2. Derek

    I just want to see our OL pushing Alabama (or whoever) around while Zeus runs through their secondary for an entire 4th quarter to seal a championship win.

    Then I’ll be contented.

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  3. Russ

    Size doesn’t matter if it’s not coached properly or is out of shape. See 2011 UGA for that. Heck, even Pittman’s Arkansas lines didn’t do them much good.

    But I know I’m loving our OL now. We will have 2 complete offensive lines that could start anywhere.

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    • I am loving our OL now, all 10 on the top of the depth chart. But someone still has to tell me where they went the last 5 quarters of this past season. They got whipped, and it wasn’t all injury related.


      • stoopnagle

        Apparently, they were disappointed for the last four and that was enough.

        Man, the more time goes by the madder I get about that damn game.


  4. Tony Barnfart

    I have trouble even imagining that a human can be 6’7″, 340lbs.


  5. The Truth

    Call me when we’re able to pound it in from the 2 yd line.


  6. CB

    I hope Dan Skipper has capitalized on his monstrous size in the WWE. 6-10 331 is crazy.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    What does it take to feed a 20 year old that size?