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Black is the old black.

The fans want to see it.  The players want to wear it.

Makes you wonder who’s so dead set against it.


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Is Georgia going on a cupcake diet?

It’s a bit of a surprise, but kudos to Bill King for coaxing a Q&A out of Greg McGarity that didn’t make me wince.  In fact, as a season ticket holder, I think this is a cause for mild celebration:

He did say that “the scheduling model we’re moving to in the future will be built around eight conference games, and Tech, and two more Power 5’s and one non-Power 5 opponent.”

So, in other words, only one “cupcake” per season (as opposed to 2018, when Georgia had three such games in Athens).

It’s an ambitious — and somewhat daunting — schedule model. But, McGarity said, “That’s our goal. Kirby is all about playing a tough schedule and playing quality opponents.”

As a paying customer, I am, too.  Thanks, Kirby.



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“He (Smart) said I know you can stop the run, but I want you to pressure the quarterback.”

Color me skeptical, but Jonathan Ledbetter predicts with the change in defensive coordinators, we’ll see a change in scheme.

Although they got along and worked well together, Ledbetter seemed to hint that Smart and former defensive coordinator Mel Tucker didn’t always see eye to eye when it came to the amount of pressures that initially was being dialed up.

“We had a defensive oriented coach, he likes things a certain way and Coach Tucker knew that,” Ledbetter said. “There were times … they didn’t necessarily butt heads … but they had to come to an agreeance on what to run and what was best for the team we were playing against. They did, they meshed it out together. Coach Tucker is my guy and I wish him all the best.”

Although Ledbetter didn’t put a number on the amount of sacks, he didn’t hesitate when asked what he believes Lanning will bring.

“A lot of pressure. I think Georgia’s going to continue not necessarily take risks, but they will get after it,” Ledbetter said. “We always got after it, but you know, we didn’t generate a lot of sacks like we wanted to, so I think that’s something he’s (Lanning) working on with just the scheme and how the defense is doing it the way Kirby wants it to look because at the end of the year Kirby said, ‘I want sacks, now go do what y’all do.’”

If Georgia gets more sacks, my feeling is that will come from personnel more than some sort of change in approach.  What say you guys?



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Nothing to worry about

If the NCAA really believes the bullshit it cranks out about amateurism, should it lose the Alston case, would anything really change?

Of course, the NCAA doesn’t really believe its own bullshit.

In other words, every time one of you amateurism romantics argues some version of an affordability problem with regard to free market compensation, you’re undermining the NCAA’s antitrust defense.  Because if paying players really is a disastrous move, no school would be crazy enough to risk its business over that.

I keep saying it, but the most defensible position on the status quo is to simply say “I don’t like players being paid” and stop.  Once you try to offer some sort of economic justification, the argument goes off the wheels.


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“In Proverbs, iron sharpens iron so you want to take on that.”

Kirby Smart is fond of emphasizing the role of competition to make his players better, so what does that bode for a Jake Fromm who enters his third season without a challenger?


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