“He (Smart) said I know you can stop the run, but I want you to pressure the quarterback.”

Color me skeptical, but Jonathan Ledbetter predicts with the change in defensive coordinators, we’ll see a change in scheme.

Although they got along and worked well together, Ledbetter seemed to hint that Smart and former defensive coordinator Mel Tucker didn’t always see eye to eye when it came to the amount of pressures that initially was being dialed up.

“We had a defensive oriented coach, he likes things a certain way and Coach Tucker knew that,” Ledbetter said. “There were times … they didn’t necessarily butt heads … but they had to come to an agreeance on what to run and what was best for the team we were playing against. They did, they meshed it out together. Coach Tucker is my guy and I wish him all the best.”

Although Ledbetter didn’t put a number on the amount of sacks, he didn’t hesitate when asked what he believes Lanning will bring.

“A lot of pressure. I think Georgia’s going to continue not necessarily take risks, but they will get after it,” Ledbetter said. “We always got after it, but you know, we didn’t generate a lot of sacks like we wanted to, so I think that’s something he’s (Lanning) working on with just the scheme and how the defense is doing it the way Kirby wants it to look because at the end of the year Kirby said, ‘I want sacks, now go do what y’all do.’”

If Georgia gets more sacks, my feeling is that will come from personnel more than some sort of change in approach.  What say you guys?



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14 responses to ““He (Smart) said I know you can stop the run, but I want you to pressure the quarterback.”

  1. I mean we got a chicken and egg argument going. when your secondary is so young, – 1 position , and your linebackers aren’t that good, you do in fact have to be very careful getting aggressive in regards to going “after it”. That can change this year with experience and growth. And most certainly with improve linebacker play which was a glaring weakness last year


  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I know this will sound like I am channeling my inner Tony Barnhart, but it is some of both. You can’t do anything without quality Jimmies and Joes, but we have had them the past two years for certain. I keep watching replays of games from 2017 and 2018 and in 2017 with Roquan, Lorenzo et al. we had some clutch defense (ND) almost all of the time, and in some games – Miss St and Florida 2017 come to mind – we were just lethal. I actually felt bad for Felipe in 2017; that dude was wasted time and time again, and even when he wasn’t he was worried about it and made a bad throw or something to screw it up.

    As far as next year goes, with what is coming back and what is coming in new, we have the horses. It’s up to Lanning to keep up the pace or hopefully, improve and set some records. No pressure Dan.


  3. gastr1

    As the season went on last year, I got the sense that the D was playing contain more often than not. The offense would generate a lead, the D would keep the other team down through stopping the run (mostly) and being good against the pass. I began to wonder how much Tucker and Smart were holding back so that Bama and playoff teams didn’t have it on film. Well, cut to the Bama game, and all the sudden we had a pass rush. Color me not surprised.

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  4. Dawg in Austin

    100% agree. When the pass rushers can get to the QB quickly enough, they’ll be sent more. Otherwise they’re going to scheme them dropping back to help defending the quick passing game.


  5. Anonymous

    I agree. Kirby has never been heavy with the blitz. I don’t see him changing either. The lack of DL production we have seen the past two years is why Tracy Rocker was fired. The DL is the one position group where we have not matched up with Bama. We are not going to take them down until we do. It isn’t going to help losing Rochester, Clark, Carter, and Marshall after this season. The croots from this year need to get some quality reps this season or we will be really green on the DL in 2020. That prospective 2020 OL though. Mayes (Jr) – Kindley (Sr) – Hill (Jr) – Cleveland (Sr) – Wilson (Jr).


  6. WNCDawg

    How’d that contain D work in the last quarter of the SEC Championship game ? We lacked on contain and on the blitz packages a lot in several games and critical situations. Your not gonna have a Roquan every year. Bless his “Dawg Heart”.


  7. This should be Kirby’s most talented defense since landing in Athens. While losing a shutdown corner; the over-all secondary is big, fast and talented. The linebackers are better suited for the passing game today; a little lighter and very fast and there appears to be an abundance of ‘off the corner’ speed. This is going to be a very fast and very physical defense.


    • Russ

      I agree. Defense should be a beast this season. Plus we have some talent on the ends which should give us more pressure on the QB.


  8. Dolly Llama

    I’m stealing the hell out of “come to an agreeance.”


  9. First of all, you have to have the horses, and the incoming group might offer more than the outgoing, but I think a refined scheme can play a big role too.


  10. CEPH

    The Georgia coaching staff has failed miserably in the fourth quarter of the games we have lost both on offense and defense. If you will observe Kirby in these games he has been running around as if in a state of confusion or panic or both. Just an observation on my part.