“In Proverbs, iron sharpens iron so you want to take on that.”

Kirby Smart is fond of emphasizing the role of competition to make his players better, so what does that bode for a Jake Fromm who enters his third season without a challenger?


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10 responses to ““In Proverbs, iron sharpens iron so you want to take on that.”

  1. Russ

    But what about the Beast? I can’t wait until July 19 to see who had the higher QBR.


  2. FlyingPeakDawg

    Jake’s got enough on he plate as team leader and the ultimate pressure of winning games. The iron that sharpens him is reps against our D, not some backup. I think this was even true last year…winning was more of a drive to his success than Justin Fields.

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  3. gastr1

    As alluded to in the article, Fromm’s competition this year is the rest of the country going out for the NFL draft. He needs to play well and improve enough to show he’s ready for the next level.


  4. J-Dawg

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Let the boy run the team, get better and show the rest of the college football world who really is the best. Let him relax and enjoy what may be his last year in college. If he balls out, we don’t lose a game going to the SECCG. He will end up as the next Tom Brady.


  5. Kevin

    My answer to that would be a question: Don’t you think he’s earned that circumstance?


  6. Salty Dawg

    I don’t think he needs competition. He’s got the drive in him and I think he will be focused on getting to and winning the NCCG.


  7. WNCDawg

    Least we try to render these thoughts of 18-22 year olds. A TE that gets a letter saying your not NFL ready but goes on and has a poor showing. A running back that scores well on the bench but finishes 22nd. out of 23 in the 40. A WR who flashes the 40 but has consistently iron hands.
    Jake will do what Jake can do; He will push himself and there will be competition behind him. Just like every position there will be competers. How they jell as with Nick and Sony and become leaders will determine the Dawgs success or failures.
    I am not sure there was a very cohesive dressing room though out 18’. Thinks of the way our government works present day comes to mind. Most of your comments leads me to think you’ll be stoping at the firstbhouse that has a sign saying “Palms Read Here”.


  8. From the far outside looking in, it seems to me that Fromm competes against himself about as well as anyone. Along with prodding from the coaches, he’s his own iron.


  9. Mayor

    Fromm does have a challenger. Stetson Bennett. I’m not kidding.


  10. Classic City Canine

    I actually think competition hurt Jake until the UF game. Competition is great as long as the fear of losing your job doesn’t paralyze people.